2011 Elections; a Republican Nightmare

The 2011 Elections, held Tuesday November 8, 2011, will go down in USA history as the beginning of the end for the Republican Tea Party. By clearly vindicating what polls have said all along, Tuesday’s elections show Republicans how alienated they have become from the rest of the country. Alas! They will undoubtedly once again dismiss the obvious, and continue to blow it. By following tea party morons, and copying their anti-social behavior, Republicans have developed an uncanny ability to ignore polls that overwhelmingly point to public outrage. This downward spiral towards suicide, and the loss of all rational thought and civility, is not something shared by the rest of the nation.

Republicans have spent their entire political capital, on a strategy force fed to a public, with few people buying. Their leaders come from an echo chamber where the same idiotic statements resonate back and forth as they get tried on for size. Whoever echoes the party line the loudest becomes king for the day, or the week, or until they crash and burn; whichever comes first.

The result of a rudderless ship, adrift in a sea of madness, is that reasonable people have no way to save themselves. The country now suffers because Republicans are left with no leaders, no vision, no support, and no hope for anything new. This unchanging position is why we can expect the same old leftovers again and again. Even more unsettling is that Republicans are telling us to be happy with our lot in life, because this is all they are willing to offer. The French aristocracy offered the 99% a similar deal. The folly of that intransigence is not history anyone should want to repeat.

Republicans newest goal will be to try and sell Tuesday’s defeat as merely a skirmish. What is obvious to everyone else is Tuesday’s salvo was not a shot across the bow; it was a broadside, leaving Republicans dazed and confused. What Republicans suffered on Tuesday was no skirmish; it was a rout. If there were any doubts as to what we think of Republican politics and their divisive tactics, these latest votes have removed them all.

Tuesday’s massacre led to the death of every major Republican issue put up for a vote. The US public has spoken loud and clear. The question remains: Did Republicans get the message?

The first 3 areas numbered below were seen as critical by many. A loss of any one of these would have been disastrous.

  1. Ohio’s Governor John Kasich lost his integrity, and his chance at reelection, with his attempt to declare war against the American worker. He lost, we won. The rights of the worker have been declared absolute and will not be taken away after all. Let us never forget, these rights took union lives and almost a century of struggles to win. We do not accept Republican vilification and assault on unions, nor will we accept Republican attempts to return us to a previous century. Union members, and those who believe in fair play, will no longer tolerate Republican bullying. After vilifying the unions for decades, Republican refusal to play by the rules has backfired. They must now contend with the fact that they provided the catalyst needed to strengthen and reinvigorate the union movement, the likes of which haven’t been seen for years.
  2. In Mississippi, voters rejected a “personhood” amendment defining life as beginning at conception. Republicans continue their 40 year crusade against abortion, by now calling a fertilized egg human. This crude attempt at overreach would have made abortions illegal. It would have also criminalized in vitro fertilization, many kinds of contraception, and placed women who suffered miscarriages, under suspicion of murder. Mississippi is one of the most conservative states in the union. It should be noted that even they couldn’t stomach this attack on women’s rights.
  3. Maine voters repealed a new GOP state law that tried to limit Democrat’s voting power. Election Day voter registration had been available for nearly four decades, but these facts only seemed to inspire Republicans further to abolish this wicked practice. Since same-day voter registration tends to lead to a higher Democrat turnout, by abolishing it altogether, Republicans find another way to go about rigging elections. This time their attempt to game the system did not go unnoticed.
  4. Tuesday’s elections were rounded out in Arizona where Senator Russell Pearce, the architect of the state’s draconian anti-immigration law, was recalled, while in Iowa, Democrats kept control of the state Senate.

Even though Maine has restored Election Day voter registration, we must never forget that Republicans will continue to do everything in their power, to make it harder for Democrats to vote. While most countries view high voter turnout as a plus, Republicans view this as a curse. By changing laws that require new kinds of id, redistricting, trying to kill off unions, Family Planning, Acorn, or any other Democratic institutions, Republicans have stopped at nothing. Their latest attacks prove they hate everything that levels the playing field. Any time they can dilute Democratic strength they will do so. We must expect them to continue to attack Democrats, at every turn and in every state.

The reason for Republican intransigence is a flaw that has developed in their DNA, the direct result of the inbreeding that occurred with the Tea Party sub species. This flaw has become so pronounced, that it prevents them from comprehending the basic wishes of intelligent and reasonable people around them. At the same time they ignore all signs that conclude: the Tea Party dodo bird never flew, and is already extinct.

The dangers facing this country cannot be overstated. Flash back to the height of Tea Party rallies 2 years ago. Who can forget all those gun toting macho men whose clownish videos went viral as they proclaimed their constitutional right: To intimidate anyone with a disagreement, and the nerve to approach them.

Fast forward to today. Are any of the Occupy Wall Street protesters, who Republicans insist are no more than anarchists and troublemakers, “packin heat?” How soon will it be before some gun toting tea party activist takes a pot shot at protesters exercising their Constitutional rights? How many Republicans will claim this person a hero when the unspeakable happens? How many Republicans even feel guilty, knowing that they belong to an immature and dangerous club that eggs these egg heads on?

Republican’s inability to come up with anything new will turn to desperation before long. They will scream bloody murder even louder, in the false belief that the American public is still listening. Rather than further compromise, Americans are going to have to get used to suffering the indignities of their sick and obnoxious behavior, at least until the 2012 elections; the day we will be, “Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty…”

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