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Why We Don’t Support Syria and Yemen Freedom Fighters and do Support Them in Libya.

The question many ask is why we don’t support Syria and Yemen, while supporting Libyans who may have fought us in Afghanistan and Iraq? If you are asking my opinion: I will first state that if democracy is the final

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I support NATO’s actions

I support NATO’s actions. I just don’t support the way NATO is handling its operation. To those who call NATO a killer, what do you say about Gaddafi? To those who demand a ceasefire; tell Gaddafi to go first. If

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Reporters are spies

Comment on Times story: Libya’s Rebels Grow Wary of Western Journalists Let there be no doubt. Some reporters are spies. That’s what they do. Depending on the circumstance, the definition of a spy and a reporter can almost be interchangeable.

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