A World of Freedom

Dear Scott,

I am very interested in what you are attempting to accomplish in spreading democracy and hope you will find my following views of interest.


A compelling reason for considering and debating my views is that people are presently dying in their thousands, striving for freedom under oppressive regimes in Syria and elsewhere.

We need a world in which no one has to live in fear of being arbitrarily arrested by the state police of a tyrannical government.

The men in control of totalitarian regimes, such as dictators like Gaddafi, or the controlling cliques of one party states, such as China, are generally nothing but gangsters.  In fact they are the world’s top gangsters having acquired unlimited power, privilege, wealth and total control of millions of ordinary people. Being determined to keep their gains and status they create repressive state laws and brutal state police to enforce them.  They epitomize evil.  If there was only one totalitarian state in the world it would be one too many.

We need a world in which everyone has the right to live in freedom and it is quite feasible that this could be attained.  The way not to attain this is through the UN which is flawed, unwieldly and often ineffective. Many of its members are tyrannical regimes each possessing a vote. China and Russia also possess the Veto, often rendering the Security Council useless.

It should be the right of every person on planet Earth to live in freedom with the right to express thoughts and opinions without fear of persecution, and the right to vote on an ongoing basis for representative government. This can only be achieved within a democracy and it should be the aim of all good people to bring about a world where all governments are democratic.

I think that the democracies should form a new world body with the purpose of establishing democratic governments throughout the world and the exclusion of totalitarian regimes forever.

Such a new democratically based world body or association could run on par with the UN and eventually replace it. It could pass resolutions, or not, as in the UN, and being based on democratically elected governments would have more validity for legality than a UN corrupted with totalitarian regimes.

It should not be too difficult to attain a world in which everyone lives in freedom within a democracy in a reasonable period of time, as it is what most ordinary people desire. Oppressed people, the world over, yearn for democracy, and given half a chance will destroy or otherwise remove their self-appointed rulers.

A new world democratic body should provide all means of assistance, including armed force as necessary, to help people everywhere attain and maintain freedom.

Naturally there could be no question of conflict with China for instance, and democracy here can only be encouraged to evolve in other ways, such as by world opinion, persuasion, economic pressures etc.

Probably the most important first step would be a declaration of basic rights of freedom under democracy for every world citizen.

Harry Dison


If such a world system as I suggest had been established in the nineteen thirties, then the Nazi Party would have been removed or eliminated in its early days and WW2 and the Holocaust would not have occurred.

You may freely reproduce and use what I have to say if you wish.  I would like my name to be accredited with my views.

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2 comments on “A World of Freedom
  1. Harry Dison says:

    Hi Scott

    I can’t thank you enough for your kind words about my views. I usually send my article to the odd website, into the blue, but generally nothing back in responce. You have more than made up for this.

    I am a slow thinker and writer and like you have barely time to manage. I’ll help further if I can.

    Are you U.S. based ? I lived and worked in Canada with my brother way back, good days.

    I assume that this is just a private note to you.

    Many thanks again


  2. Scott Eaton says:

    Hi Harry,

    I appreciate your response and agree completely with what you say. I have had the same idea for some time now, but due to time constraints I never got around to writing about it. Your thoughts may have changed all that.

    I do feel that the UN is part of the problem. The 5 countries that have veto power too often use their vetoes for their own special interests. As you mentioned, Russia and China are the biggest offenders, but the USA has been guilty as well. Any single country given veto power is insulting to all other members. The year Gaddafi was overthrown; he was a member of the UN human rights commission. Now that was the biggest insult of all.

    The League of Nations was proven ineffective when Japan walked out, before the start of WWII. The United Nations is almost as useless and should probably be terminated as well.

    I believe that a Democratic Union of Nations, such as you envision, is definitely the way to go. I would even advocate that we go one step further. We should have special trade agreements to those who belong, such as those given by the European Union, NAFTA, and CAFTA, and penalize those countries who do not. This way we could give incentive for all nations to improve the lives of their people by hitting them where it hurts most, in their wallets and especially, in the way the rest of the world looks at them. I am not advocating the cessation of trade with other countries who do not belong. That would be counter productive and probably suicidal. At the same time why should democracies like the USA give China special considerations such as “Most Favored Trade Nation Status”? It makes no sense and is an insult to other countries who share the same values as we do.

    Unfortunately my work on my website has been radically curtailed as of late. My mother had been in a retirement home for years, but our money has run out. She is now being cared for at home by my sister, brother, and I. I’m afraid that my time is limited as she needs assistance 24/7.

    Your email was appreciated more than you can imagine. Many legitimate responses I have been getting have not seen the bigger picture and they have not helped in developing the “New World Order” that you and I envision. Most of the responses I have received have been nothing more than SPAMMERS, trying to sell their products through my website. It was for this reason that I terminated the “Comments Section” that I used to allow. The hours spent weeding out JUNK comments was too much for me to bear.

    I would be honored to include your email on my site. In this we seem to think alike. I would also be willing to post any other thoughts you might have on the subject of world peace. Your experience in WWII could prove invaluable for those fighting for freedom. If you want to go further, I could even set you up with a special account where you could post your ideas straight to my website. Any help you could provide, no matter how small, will be invaluable.

    Thanks for sharing and hope to hear from you again soon.

    Scott Eaton