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Our missions

Primary mission

theRevolutionCenter’s primary mission is to reach out to people who believe in peace, human rights, and the struggles to achieve them. We dedicate ourselves to those willing to give their time, money, expertise, and even their lives so that men AND women can live free and in peace. Our goal is nothing less than a world free of tyrants and dictators.

We fight against dictators in the search for world peace. We fight not only because they are responsible for almost all the world’s conflicts. They are also responsible for child soldiers, mutilations, human slavery, the plight or refugees, mass murder, and much more.

The world spends tens of billions each year treating the symptoms. After all we have spent we are still leaving the cause. To this group the cure to most of what ails us is obvious. World peace is achievable only after we rid it of dictators.

We invite anyone who cares about their fellow man or woman to join us and help where they can. People with constructive ideas or questions are welcome to contribute to any discussion, or add new ones of their own.

Rather than fixating on what divides us, we focus on what brings us together. We call on all religions, all nations, all races, and all cultures to join us.

The more who join us the more we learn from each other. The more we learn from each other the more aid and comfort we can offer oppressed people, wherever they live. Their fight is now our fight in ridding the world of those who, instead of abiding by the laws of humanity, would force their own laws upon us. See: The List of Good and Evil

Secondary mission

Our secondary mission is just as ambitious. It involves building The List of Good and Evil for the world to live by. We will build this list in a way that is acceptable to anyone who calls themselves civilized. This list is relatively unknown now, but that will change over time as we debate it, add to it, accept it, and live by it.

Our mission is far from simple, but our revolution will use the newest weapons and methods now at our disposal. These weapons include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, forums, and the dreams of millions of people. Our hope is to enlist millions more, to open their minds.


TheRevolutionCenter’s responsibility is great. We have principles to live by and consequences to consider. We must choose who we help morally and wisely. We must stay vigilant so we are not tricked into supporting the wrong side, or neglecting the right one. In other cases, we must choose no sides at all.

We expect highly passionate people expressing themselves in this group. However, if we are to stay true to our convictions we must expose our own members who deliberately spread rumors or lies, and that includes those who contribute to this website. It must also include our own governments.

Please join us in thinking up new solutions to fight evil openly, wherever we find it.

by Scott M. Eaton
Created: May 12, 2011
Revised: March 24, 2013