Changing Times

This website gives a global voice to people fighting for peace, human rights, freedom and justice. Repressed people are no longer alone in their struggles, living in a world where no one can hear them. It has been too easy for repressive governments to divide and conquer dozens of people. Now they face millions in an era where uncomfortable truths are no longer ignored.

In the past, those seeking freedom from repressive governments did not stand a chance. Their governments made sure of it. Those repeating their stories too loudly have always been jailed, tortured, or worse. By simply denying the atrocities committed, and with only a few people disputing the facts, governments were able to convince and frighten the public, so few ever spoke out. This ensured no one found the courage, no one came to the rescue, and the suffering continued.

Today those longing for freedom may fall prey to the belief that the world has not changed. There are others, however, who have moved into the 21st century and feel a breeze blowing. They recognize the true nature of the winds of change and the new opportunities that comes with them. Those who do not see these changes can now be taught about new tools available, giving them more power than ever before.

Those who represent repressed people are painfully aware that the regime’s propaganda machine has been years in the making. Their best offense today is to never tire of telling the world repeatedly, who they are, whom they are fighting, and what they stand for. If they stand for human rights and freedom, they allow like-minded free people of the world a chance to help by turning their struggles into the world’s struggles. We must all be aware that without world support, and maybe a little magic, many revolutions do not stand a chance.

Do you believe in Magic?

Today’s social networking ensures that the dreams of freedom fighters are much harder to kill. To a repressive dictator these dreams are no longer contained in the minds of the few people he can easily reach. These dreams now grow in the minds of thousands in cyberspace who are unreachable, unafraid, and ready for battle.

When a dictator tries to intervene by cutting off a short headline, there is now a real danger that the story will multiply worldwide. Chop off one head and two grow in its place. A once herculean dictator is now up against an army of hydras.

Some people say, “The internet is like magic.” This magic presents itself in the ways people introduce their corner of the earth to the world. It is magic how in one week people are nobody, and famous the next. No one can imagine what shape this magic will take, or who will make it. The very best part about magic; is that it can rub off on everybody.

For those wondering where I am going with this analogy, consider this: When your cause becomes the world’s cause and even death cannot stop you, that’s magic. When jailed political prisoners receive support from millions who not only work for them, but also work from safe untouchable corners of the world, that’s magic. When Mohamed Bouazizi, an unemployed Tunisian set himself on fire and inspired the world, that was tragic; but its result was magical.

The runes are now cast in our favor. Cosmic stars have come into alignment. History cries out, “Now’s the time. Seize the day!”

Are we are running out of time?

When people talk of the rights of the individual do they mean it, or are they just paying lip service. To those people who mean it, use your voice to speak out. To those who do not speak out; think about what your silence means to the society you live in.

Continuing with the current policy of silence and appeasement is not an option anymore. In this day of nuclear power, scientific advancements, and unknowns yet to come, more and more people can press any number of buttons and destroy us all.

Time is not on our side. The status quo is simply untenable and more dangerous than doing nothing at all. Peace may not come in our time, but we can achieved it if enough people fight for those who don’t have it. Peace is after all what most of us strive for and NOTHING could be nobler, or more precious.

If you believe in this cause, link to this website. Tell your friends about us. Shout out in the streets; raise your voice for all to hear.

by Scott M. Eaton
Created: May 16, 2011
Revised: March 23, 2013

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