Down with the Dictator

A Requiem for Dictators and Tyrants

The reason we fight dictators

Dictators threaten my security. They threaten your security. How long will we let them go on? Will we continue to enable them to live in their house of straw, where the winds of change cannot penetrate? Are the words “New World Order” to always be the dream of a fool’s paradise? That dream will eventually be embraced by civilization somewhere and sometime; and that somewhere is right here and right now!

Joseph Stalin;Russian dictator

Joseph Stalin – Russian dictator
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Dictators have been around a long time. As time passes, their egos grow as they become dependent on everyone around them. They have everything brought to them, done for them, and in many aspects thought of for them. They read newspapers that tout their virtues, strengths, intelligence: you name it. In other words, they live in a bubble. In some cases this bubble has been around them for a lifetime.

Dictators are clueless when it comes to the modern world. They now live in a world where words can no longer be silenced, and where sharing the truth freely over the internet is normal. None of these dictators have faced a modern revolution and would not know what to do if they did. The current situations, that we have named Arab Spring, prove this. We have new windows of opportunity opening all around us. How much further these windows open, and how long they stay that way, remains to be seen.

Focusing world attention on hot spots is a start, but a lot more must be done. Already we have learned invaluable lessons while simply gathering experience and information. We will continue to catalog what works and what doesn’t, along with anything else that helps our cause.

Before long, we will have some of the methods necessary to teach others how to organize, protest, and stay safe. We will finally be able to give some real aid and comfort to the enemies of dictators and tyrants. So much so in fact, that it should actually do some good. If we do this, we should improve humanity’s chances for freedom along with the struggles to keep it going.

Dictators and tyrants, either individually or ruling groups, come in many disguises. Often they begin as religious extremists, power grabbers, opportunists, racists, sexists, or megalomaniacs. History has proven repeatedly, that these dictators threaten and infect the entire world. Their insatiability causes our instability and their stench hangs over us like a plague. Let there be no doubt; these animals are true enemies of freedom, truth, justice, and peace. We will treat them the way they treat their own victims, fight them at every quarter, and given them no mercy. We will call them out to reveal their secrets, tactics, and disdain for human rights, by matching their lies with the truth.

When do we act?

Once dictators start murdering their population wholesale, they lose all legitimacy and credibility. When this happens we reject the conventional practice of agonizing over who will replace them. There are of course no guarantees in life but the phrase, “The devil you know,” serves dictators by enabling civilized people to accept them. In truth, this saying is an obfuscation that renders us impotent and prevents us from making the right choices. When dealing with uncomfortable truths it is often easier to turn a blind eye instead of doing what we know is right. Once you decide to make a difference, saving innocent lives always feels like the right thing to do.

Until now, those who were untouchable have forced the world to witness or suffer atrocities carried out in their name. Today we are more fortunate. In this day of globalization and instant communications, we are now able to witness what is happening right in front of us.

We are no longer bound by the narrow views our governments force on us, or those from biased news commentators who fear unemployment. We can now make our own headlines. Those of us who believe the world has a responsibility to help stop atrocities, can grab the world’s attention on our own terms.

The World’s responsibility

The nations of the world have a special moral obligation to correct the sins of their past. We can no longer say that this is not our fight, when for decades we have armed dictators and tyrants. We have given them billions in aid, along with the armor and weapons they use to suppress their own people. Are we not obligated to face our own complicity, when people rise up against the dictators our countries created?

How can people fight their own government, when they have only their bodies against gun ships and tanks? It is obvious who supplied these weapons, and as time goes by not to do anything is morally reprehensible. We can no longer say that the problem lies with the dictators, when we were the ones who gave them legitimacy.

We condemn countries that fail to speak out in support of basic human rights. At the same time, those countries that continually hide behind empty words like, “The violence must stop,” while doing nothing constructive to achieve this goal are suspects themselves. Freedom and peace-loving people everywhere must convince hesitant governments that the world is changing. We are in the midst of rewriting history, and time is of the essence. Supporting these struggles is simply the right thing to do.

The world’s procrastination is never kind to those caught in the middle, and the sense of urgency cannot be understated. A mere day could be all the time needed for a tyrant who is down for the count, and fighting for his life, to pick themselves up, regroup, and attack anew. Additionally, the longer the fight continues, the more likely fringe elements will hijack the revolution for their own purposes.

Those people and countries who respond with help in time will be heroes and friends to newly freed people. Their reward will be reaping the gratitude from those who will not forget. Countries and those who did not respond will also not be forgotten. Their reward might be to become pariahs for generations to come.

A final note:

The only type of government we accept is a style of democracy decided by those people directly involved. We can of course help in their decisions, but the democracy in one country may not work in another. When writing their own constitution we must respect the core beliefs of each country. Mistakes are expected, but as long as governments remains true to the ideals of the List of Good and Evil, the democracy they decide upon will evolve just fine and we will support them.

by Scott M. Eaton
Created: May 12, 2011
Modified: March 24,2013

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  1. Jenny says:

    You know what, I’m very much incinled to agree.

  2. Johnie says:

    I feel so much happier now I understand all this. Thanks!

  3. Ernesto Franceski says:

    Properly put from an excellent blogger

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