Freedom Fighter’s Pledge to Mankind

Freedom Fighter’s Responsibility

The new weapons available in fighting for freedom bring great opportunity, and responsibility. Freedom fighters trying to reach out should make a pledge to the world. It not only increases support for your cause, it will also increase your chance at survival.

Do not doubt the following:

The world is likely to support non-violent protests. The more violence perpetrated on the side you represent the more support for your cause will erode. If you leave any ambiguity as to what your beliefs are, the world and your own people will notice. This rule applies to both freedom fighters and those defending the government. The power of the internet is a real nuisance to a dictator. It could also  mean death to the revolution, if protesters get on the wrong side of it.

If violence is the only option left open, do not fight in a way that turns you into a criminal. No matter how bad it looks today, peace will come. Your crimes will not be forgotten or forgiven once it does. Keep your struggle noble. Do not turn it into a stain on humanity.

Clauses 1-8 below are to gain full support of this group. They are non-negotiable.
The rest of the pledge ensures even more support from us, and the rest of the world.

Freedom Fighter’s Pledge to Mankind:

  1. I believe in the Pledge to Mankind and the List of Good and Evil
  2. I speak with one voice. I do not say one thing to my countrymen, and another to the international community.
  3. I believe in democracy and freedom for all.
  4. I will hand in my weapons after the revolution is won.
  5. I will not support any of my commanders who form their own militias, arm only their own groups, or stock their own weapons.
  6. I agree not to terrorize or attack the innocent, the infirmed, and the young.
  7. I will not be arrogant to, or steal from the civilian population.
  8. I agree with the rules of the Geneva Convention.
  9. I call anyone who helps us my friend.
  10. I offer new opportunities to old friends and new.
  11. My own people will be the “boots on the ground,” and we will do our own fighting.
  12. I believe my country should uphold our international obligations.
  13. I do not damn the world for having ignored us so long.
  14. In this new window of opportunity past sins are forgotten.

Please add to the pledges you would like to see by leaving a reply below.

by Scott M. Eaton
Created: May 20, 2011
Revised: March 18, 2013
8 comments on “Freedom Fighter’s Pledge to Mankind
  1. TJ says:

    Should all be removed

    • Scott Eaton says:

      TJ – thanks for your input.

      #4 is absolutely necessary. Just look at what is happening in Libya. When a war is won, or when an ex-soldier returns home, it is critical that these soldiers get retrained for peace. When this does not happen, or when guns remain in the wrong hands, people have a harder time working for the peace everyone fought and died for. A newly formed nation is a fragile thing. They need all the help they can get.

      When armed groups threaten unification of the country they do the movement no favors. In fact they ensure that a new armed struggle will occur before the nation even gets a chance to prove that peace was within reach.

      In Libya, just a few weeks ago, armed groups forced the chairman of the Libyan General National Congress, Mohammad al-Magarief, to step down because he once worked for Gaddafi. (Magarief served as Libyan ambassador to India in the 1980s before breaking away from the Gadhafi government.) These armed thugs have forced a new law disallowing anyone in power who worked for the previous government. They in effect have rejected everyone with experience, replacing them with incompetent stooges, people without experience, or worse.

      Mahmoud Jibril, one of the most able and trustworthy of all Libyans, also loyally served Gaddafi as head of the National Planning Council of Libya and of the National Economic Development Board of Libya. During the revolution he was the head of the National Transitional Council and by the end of the revolution he was referred to by foreign governments and the media alike as the interim prime minister of Libya. He nobly stepped down from his leadership position as soon as the first elections were final. This new law will haunt Libya for years as it bars him from ever serving in the Libyan government again.

      The truth is that the majority of people in Libya worked for or collaborated with Gaddafi’s government. They would not have survived otherwise. Only when the masses rose up did these people finally gain the strength to act otherwise. Strength in numbers changes everything.

      Many of the heroes of the Libyan revolution, who worked for Gaddafi, risked their lives just like everybody else when they switched sides. They also switched sides long before the outcome was certain and by doing so they became marked men. It can not be argued that when they switched sides they risked much more than the average freedom fighter. Now these brave people have been turned into pariahs, no longer deserving any kind of respect, because some hothead with a gun demands it.

      This is not democracy. It is extortion and worse. Libya will never know true peace until everyone turns in their weapons and unites around a central democratic government.

      #8 and #13 – The reason these two points are important is to garner world support. If you reject the Geneva Convention and damn the world they have no reason to help in your hour of need. Syria is the most recent lesson here. The Syrian rebels would have been victorious long ago had the world united unconditionally behind them. Sadly that was not the case.

      Finally it looks as if the Syrian rebels are about to receive weapons and ammunition. If they reject the Geneva Convention outright, and damn the rest of the world for their inaction, the aid they are about to receive will end in a heartbeat.

      Syrian rebels are very close to losing this war. Now is not the time to make new enemies, or alienate possible friends.

  2. Keydrick says:

    One or two to reemmebr, that is.

  3. Magda says:

    Fell out of bed feeling down. This has brightened my day!

  4. Lola says:

    Just do me a favor and keep writing such trenchant anlayses, OK?

  5. Susy says:

    HHIS I suhold have thought of that!

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