The Pledge to Mankind

The Pledge to Mankind serves as a call to arms for all who support Good, in the battle between Good and Evil.

Whereas the enemies of Good prefer to hide behind double speak, lies, and vague promises, The Pledge to Mankind offers something more tangible. This pledge focuses on words whose meaning cannot be corrupted and involves no more than the following few lines:

  • I pledge my support to The List of Good and Evil.
  • I pledge to live peacefully with those who believe in this list.
  • I pledge to stand against those who do not believe in this list.
  • I declare any group or individual preventing me from fulfilling this pledge - my enemy.

Rather than dwelling on what divides us, we search for common ground. By agreeing to the principles of a single master List of Good and Evil, we arm ourselves with the morals of humanity. By accepting what people consider good and evil, we unite with them behind a creed that recognizes our own beliefs precisely. Our list determines the people we accept as our friends; and those we must condemn.

Once we equip ourselves with the morals of humanity, we will be able to decide for ourselves which one of the laws we follow is moral, and which ones are not.

Anyone who agrees with The List of Good and Evil is my brother or sister, even though we disagree on many things. Knowing who my friends are makes it easier to find ways of working with them, while putting Evil on notice.

To make your own pledge:

Let the world know you support The Pledge to Mankind, along with The List of Good and Evil. You may print them, link to them, copy them, or do anything you can think of to get the word out. When sending email, please consider including the sentence below in your signature.

I believe in The Pledge to Mankind and The List of Good and Evil.

Included in the box below is the HTML code.

I believe in <a title=”The Pledge to Mankind” href=””><b>The Pledge to Mankind</b></a> and <a title=”The List of Good and Evil” href=””><b>The List of Good and Evil</b></a>.

This will encourage debate, build up support, increase the size of people knowing about “The List” and lead to more people wishing to make a pledge of their own.

by Scott M. Eaton
Created: May 12, 2011
Modified: March 25,2013
One comment on “The Pledge to Mankind
  1. wade says:

    I believe in good and evil!!!! Dont let the outter suit that our creator gave to us to where become tainted by the reptile like nasty creature that we have seen since ,the beginning. NOW IS THE TIME TO USE OUR INTELLECT PEOPLE!!!!! Practice these words over and over and over….. Do not stop ever knowing the difference of the pitfalls….. GOD almighty is the only thing that will make it so, that peace, happiness, and a true life ,free from evil and its parasitic stronghold ,forever lasting…. ETERNITY….HEAVEN…. Thank you GOD

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