Syrian Rebels to Receive Weapons – Finally

Barack Obama’s decision to arm Syrian rebels is long overdue. This decision should have been made two years ago, when Bashar al-Assad started his rampage. By massacring those whose crime was to live in the same neighborhood as those demanding reform, al-Assad forfeited his right to live among us.

The procrastination and long due decision from Obama leaves us with no good options. The fact that we are now faced with arming extremists comes as no surprise to many. As the choices that face us go from bad to worse, the world still must do more than continue to call for negotiating with a psychopath for an unworkable peace settlement.
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Edward Snowden – An American Hero

Edward Snowden - An American Hero

Edward Snowden – An American Hero

Edward Snowden has admitted that he is the whistleblower who leaked the story of the United States government’s rampant spying on its citizens. He is a low ranking NSA analyst whose admission makes him a true American hero. He may have broken his oath to the company he worked for, but he is NOT a law breaker as the government would have us believe.

Fully aware of the consequences of his actions Snowden has decided to follow the path of a true hero and patriot. He is willing to give his life, so that men and women can live free. I salute Snowden’s bravery and spit on those who say otherwise. In the end time will tell if Snowden’s actions were warranted, or if he was just being naive.

For those who are not familiar with, or would like to pretend it does not exist, the 4th Amendment below is quite clear.

Amendment IV to the U.S. Constitution

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

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Predator Drones – the Ultimate Terrorist Weapon

Predator drones

In more and more countries, predator drones from the USA now rule the skies. It is only a matter of time before people of conscience unite in accusing the U.S. of crimes against humanity. Let there be no mistake. While many in the U.S. are proud of our military might, drones are just the newest in USA terrorist weapons.

Predator drones

Predator drones – the ultimate terrorist weapon

There is no doubt as to what our response would be if any nation dared do to us what we are now doing to them. If a foreign drone killed any one of the thousands of terrorists who reside here, by invading our territory, we would be at war that very day. Whether these terrorist were our own homegrown brand, or those to whom we have granted asylum, there would be no waiting, no room for debate, and no negotiations.

Our new breed of elected officials, along with their criminal cohorts, have the audacity to insist that people who live outside of the country do not have the right even to a trial in absentia. Instead of bringing criminals to justice, they offer no justice at all.

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Venezuelan Constitution

Read the Venezuelan Constitution – English version

The Current Venezuelan Constitution

When written initially, the current Venezuelan Constitution, was a well thought out document that most people would look up to. Written with the best of intentions, solidly debated, and overwhelmingly endorsed by those who live under it, it stands as a model of achievement.

The problem now is the way Chavistas have turned it into a discombobulated document, 86 pages long, consisting of 350 Articles. With so much content, one would assume that everything had been addressed. One would be wrong in this assumption. Read more ›

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Hugo Chavez Funeral

Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s 9th elected President, died at 4:25pm on March 5, 2013. He was 58 years old (28 July 1954 – 5 March 2013). His funeral is today, Friday March 8, 2013. Those who will miss the opportunity to attend need not worry.

Hugo Chavez funeral

Hugo Chavez funeral procession

Forever the showman, Chavez is not to be out done. Just like other dictators, his body is to be embalmed and placed on display “for all eternity”. Read more ›

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Hugo Chavez Dead – New report

Hugo Chavez dead, says Guillermo Cochez.

A report by Guillermo Cochez, former Ambassador of Panama to the Organization of American States (OAS), claims President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez is dead. Chavez died five days ago after he was disconnected from life-support, on the orders of his daughters.

Guillermo Cochez

Guillermo Cochez

Cochez states he has confidential information that Hugo Chavez was in a vegetative state, and brain dead, since December 30 or 31, 2012. Chavez was returned to Caracas from Havana last week, because the authorities did not want to disconnect his life support in Cuba. Read more ›

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The Search for Hugo Chavez

The Search for Hugo Chavez is now an international obsession. Is he alive? Is he dead? Is he a ripe vegetable named Maduro? (For those not familiar with Venezuela or Spanish, Nicolas Maduro is the man Chavez anointed to succeed him. Maduro is also a word meaning “ripe” in Spanish.)

The passing of Hugo Chavez will come as no surprise to my readers. On January 4, 2013, I predicted this outcome in Hugo Chavez is Dead. The consequences of my stories have led to an interesting phenomenon. Read more ›

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Venezuela’s Succession – Not as it Seems

Hugo Chavez cartoon

Hugo Chavez – dealing with the opposition.

Last month in preparation to the obvious, I wrote Hugo Chavez is dead. Today as I write this article, I am more convinced than ever that he won’t be returning as president. While there is still no proof of his passing, one thing is certain. Venezuela’s top government officials, lie as if their careers counted on it.

Chavez and his illness

It has been 8 weeks and the world has heard not a peep, from the normally garrulous loud-mouthed clown Hugo Chavez. Chavez has for the first time in decades, remained deathly silent from both those who loathe him, and those who adore him. By neglecting Venezuela so blatantly, his love for everything Cuban shines brighter than ever. Read more ›

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