The Mali War will be over in weeks

Africa showing Mali bordersUnlike those claiming that the Mali War will be worse than Afghanistan, I predict the reality will turn out quite different. In fact, the War in Mali will be one of the quickest wars this world has seen in decades. While no war should be associated with a cakewalk, in this case I am doing just that.

While I wrote a similar piece to this one in The Libyan War Is Practically Over, when I made that prediction the war had been raging for 6 months. It took an excruciatingly long time and was touch and go more times than I care to remember. Once again, I want to thank the French for their efforts. Without France the Libyan War, and the War in Mali, would have been lost. Read more ›

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Hugo Chavez is dead

Hugo Chavez is dead

Hugo Chavez in coffin

Is Hugo Chavez Dead?

Hugo Chavez is either dead, or on life support, but the world will remain in the dark for weeks to come.

While the above photograph has probably been Photoshopped it has been making its rounds on the internet for the last few weeks. Until we hear from el Comandante himself the rumors will not be silenced, regardless of what Venezuelan officials would lead us to believe.

Government officials are attempting to prepare the country for Chavez to govern from life support, or beyond the grave. In this attempt they may succeed – for a while. Preventing civil war is a more difficult prospect.

Venezuelan officials have convinced themselves that Chavez doesn’t need to be sworn in on Jan 10th if he’s not ready. He can come home whenever he likes, next week as required by law, or next month if he feels up to it. His old job will always be waiting for him. Read more ›

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Does the NRA believe in the Constitution?

US Constitution

“In the end there can be only one.”

This tag line, taken from the Highlander movie, or TV series with the same name, is the way the NRA looks at the U.S. Constitution. Out of the hundreds of sentences belonging to the Constitution, they believe in ONLY ONE.

The NRA Press Conference about the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre blames society’s ills on people who disagree with them, media conglomerates, corporations, video games, movies, and even stockholders for the failings of our country, as stated below: Read more ›

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How to Prevent Radical Islamists from Stealing a Revolution

Radical Islamists taking over Syria?

Over a year ago I wrote Why We Don’t Support Syria and Yemen Freedom Fighters and do Support Them in Libya.  When I wrote this article, I did not advocate that we should abandon the Syrians. By not supplying weapons to the moderates, once the massacres start, we ensure that the protesters who start a revolution become marginalized. This is exactly what appears to be happening in both Libya and Syria.

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Obama Failures

Obama failures are due to compromise.

Obama failures come from his almost religious belief in compromise. In a world full of compromise, bipartisanship and negotiating can be wonderful things. Obama failures come from his refusal to recognize when compromise is going nowhere. When this happens it often leads to his most staggering defeats.

Barak Obama

Barak Obama

Obama lives in a world full of opposition, but like too many Democrats, he sees only compromise. He firmly believes that given enough time negotiating with an enemy, everyone will get on board. This quixotic approach has been painful to watch when compromise has been impossible and the clock is ticking so loudly. When time is of the essence Obama’s clock tends to run out long before anything gets done. The occasions where his tactic has worked have not been often enough. When they do succeed, it is due more to luck than to anything else.

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The Death of the Current Republican Party

Why the Republican Party lost the 2012 elections.

Ever since the Republican Party lost in the 2012 elections they have cried foul. They have plenty of excuses, but very few address the belief that Obama, being human, is just more in touch with the people. Romney, on the other hand, portrayed an evil version of Pinocchio. The only difference is that his nose didn’t grow, as his lies surely did. Unlike Pinocchio, Romney has no chance of becoming human because he’s never dreamed of becoming one of us. In Romney land, humans are mere puppets to be moved and discarded on a monopoly board of life. Read more ›

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Was Benghazi a terrorist attack?

Why did it happen?

The Benghazi, Libya attack, on the USA consulate building, started because of a film that was insulting to Muslims, called Innocence of Muslims. While the film was produced in the USA under the pseudonym of “Sam Bacile”, it was actually produced by Nakoula Basseley Nakoula. Nakoula is also known as “Mark Basseley Youssef,” and he has used other aliases as well. This low life even lied to the actors involved, telling them they were doing a film called “Desert Warrior,” which would recount a story of tribal battles prompted by the arrival of a comet on Earth. Nowhere during production was anyone aware that Mohammed would be a character, much less the central one. None realized at the time that their words would be taken out of context, or narrated over completely.

The protests that arose from this film began in Egypt as protesters, expressing outrage, surrounded the US embassy. It spread to dozens of Arab and Muslim countries, and some western countries as well. The saddest and most ironic part of this tale is that Nakoula is Egyptian. It is obvious that he, more than most people, would be aware of what the reaction would be towards his production. It is just as obvious why he went through such great lengths to protect his identity as the perpetrator of this hateful act. Nakoula’s action did not only cause 4 deaths in Benghazi. Due to his film, dozens of deaths occurred in riots across the Muslim world that week, and the week that followed. May Nakoula Basseley Nakoula rot in hell.

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Senator John McCain trying to remain relevant

Wednesday 11/14/2012, USA Senator John McCain lamented to the press that no one had been given the facts regarding the attack in Benghazi, Libya. While he was whining, a closed session was going on in Congress that was giving the facts. These were undoubtedly facts that McCain has refused to listen to, along with new ones he’s not even aware of.

McCain is the highest-ranking Republican on the Senate Armed Services Committee. There is no excuse for him to have missed that meeting. Of course McCain’s staff excused his lack of attendance due to a “scheduling error”. Republicans will easily accept this excuse, but this still does not change the fact that he screwed up. It is his job to attend these meetings. It is also his job, or at least his responsibility as a human, to apologize for his screw ups. McCain in his wisdom has decided that if it takes time away from railing against the President, his job and his responsibility are not that important.

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