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Help us by contributing a voice to this website. If your cause relates to our cause, we will give you the following free: An email account A personal section to speak from. We also need people who can assist in

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TheRevolutionCenter Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement supports the Occupy Wall Street Movement and all those who help make it happen. TheRevolutionCenter would also like to thank those involved for keeping this movement peaceful, and for showing Republicans, and the rest or the world, what real

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The Pledge to Mankind

The Pledge to Mankind serves as a call to arms for all who support Good, in the battle between Good and Evil. Whereas the enemies of Good prefer to hide behind double speak, lies, and vague promises, The Pledge to

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Contact Us

Contact us for any reason Please help improve our circulation. Get the word out on our fight against dictators. Contributions Scott M. Eaton Anyone wishing to contribute in any way to this cause can reach me by clicking on

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Warning – Read 1st

Warning: dangerous suggestions Many suggestions in this website are dangerous to carry out, while others may lead to death. There are no guarantees in life and fewer still when it comes to fighting for freedom. For those of us secure

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Pledges …

These are the pledges we believe in and we support all people or revolutions who agree to the following: The Pledge to Mankind should be taken by all civilized people. Freedom Fighter’s Pledge to Mankind is an additional pledge for

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The List of Good and Evil

The List of Good and Evil is our way of determining who is a friend, and who is not. Edmund Burke is credited for saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do

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Down with the Dictator

A Requiem for Dictators and Tyrants The reason we fight dictators Dictators threaten my security. They threaten your security. How long will we let them go on? Will we continue to enable them to live in their house of straw,

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