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Scott M. Eaton

Anyone wishing to contribute in any way to this cause can reach me by clicking on the link provided above. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the following: into the email program of your choice.

You can also help in other ways by clicking Help Us or Help Others.

While this website is still in a nascent stage, I hope it shows some promise as to where it is headed. The time and money I have spent by myself on research, writing, organizing, and the web hosting and design needed for this site is adding up. I am exhausted. Whether I continue at my current pace depends in large part on how many active supporters I find who believe in this cause the way I do.

I realize that pleas for contributions are awash in a virtual sea of good causes. Why should I stand out above the rest? Well, I believe that this website shows I feel passionately for peace, human rights, and freedom. I know that the passion I feel makes me want to continue this path for a lifetime.

I am not a big conglomerate with money. I am just one person who has decided to seek like-minded people, willing to throw themselves into the mega machine that churns out dictators and tyrants. I want to jam up its works and bring this abomination to a halt.

I believe that world peace will never be achieved as long as dictators exist. The big question is, does the world agree with me? Do people actually believe their own words regarding peace and the sanctity of life? Will they continue the current path of keeping their heads in the sand because it is safer or more convenient?

Internet security

Due to my own lack of knowledge regarding the security pitfalls of money transfers on the internet, I have decided to accept only checks at this time. I am aware that this is not accepted practice, but for now, I will live with my decision.

Learning the areas of internet security is something I will do eventually, but I would rather not do it now, while so many are dying. The time I spend on this area would slow down my efforts in other areas I feel are more important.

With that said: I do have a great interest in any help that can reduce the time spent understanding and researching this area. I am painfully aware that many people may only be interested in contributing, if they can use a credit card or PayPal account. If enough people feel this, I will obviously need to change my policy and learn about internet security sooner rather that later. Until this becomes clear to me, I will continue to use my life savings to fund this website.

Eventually the plans are for total security, using encryption and secure web pages as an integral part of this website.

In Conclusion

I know I have my job cut out for me. I also know that I will be fighting an uphill battle. Those with seemingly infinite power and resources, along with their supporters, work tirelessly to stop people like me.

On the bright side, I am not alone in feeling a change of history. I know that new realities and perspectives have unleashed talent and potential never available to us in the past. I feel a new purpose in life that before I only dreamed about.

Once those who believe in human rights and freedom unite globally, with social media and all other means they have at their disposal, dictators watch out. Your gravy train will be over.


by Scott M. Eaton
Created: May 20, 2011

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