Declaration of War Against the Republican Party

Now that the fight for Libya’s freedom is over, I can catch a breath and reflect over past events of this year. What these reflections reveal is that theRevolutionCenter needs to concentrate more on the USA and its perilous state. The reason for this change is that while I speak up for human rights in the Middle East, my own rights are disappearing. As I speak out against dictators worldwide, those in my own government have transformed into what I hate most.

I have avoided USA politics,… until now!

Since starting theRevolutionCenter, I have avoided USA politics. Friends and family, who I admit are more diplomatic than I, convinced me that alienating too many people would weaken my cause. At first, this was easy. My thoughts were of the Libyan people, their struggles, and how I could help. Starting today, this policy ends.

Declaration of War against the Republican Party

Those who know me have heard me declare Republicans my enemy. Today I declare this to the world and go one-step further. Today, October 30, 2011, is the day theRevolutionCenter announces a declaration of War against the Republican Party.

Over 25 years of pent up rage will now be unleashed on an enemy that I have watched helplessly, as they destroyed my country and other countries on the planet. This website will now bear witness to Republican crimes, by building a record of their tactics and lies. We will finally fight back against those who threaten our rights, hold our beliefs in contempt, and who have a blind hatred for a world full of Democrats, liberals, minorities, gays, Muslims, the poor, the unemployed, unions, and every demographic that does not meet their Christian standards as to how true Americans must think, feel, and behave.

My feelings towards the Republican Party have been animosity for years. My list of grievances is… well, almost everything they do and say. Now they have gone too far with their hatred of everything I hold dear. Now they openly declare war on millions who have done nothing to them, but who simply do not share their narrow-minded vision and ideology.

To the Republican Party, “You do not represent me!”

Republicans now live in a bubble that serves as an echo chamber. When a few conspire together, and with the help of big money, their voices amplify exponentially. These minority voices feed off each other, reverberating back and forth, growing louder and louder. The shrillness of just a few voices drowns out all rational thought or alternatives.

The power of just one unelected but secretly known powerbroker can cause normal Republicans to tremble with fear and do as instructed. They do not dare vote their conscience against these strongmen, or their careers would be over. Only in repressive societies do we see elected officials and their supporters, so out of touch with reality, shamelessly doing the biding of unelected dictators.

Most elected Republicans officials are either too stupid, or too morally bankrupt, to realize that their views are not shared by the country. They feel lying to be elected gave them a mandate, not only from those they defrauded into voting for them, but from the rest of the nation as well.

In spite of all polls to the contrary, these low lives and their black hearts have easily convinced their army of useful idiots that big business is our future. Convincing the rest of America to join in their madness has not been so easy.

To tone deaf Republicans and those who find constant delight rubbing salt in our wounds: Continuous screaming that we gave you a mandate does not make it so. In fact, let me speak to you as plainly and as succinctly as I can.

“You do not represent me! You do not represent my friends. You do not represent the millions who voted against you and now ally themselves for your total destruction.”

“How dare you claim to represent us! How dare you go against everything we stand for and hold dear! How dare you react to all who disagree… as though we are the scum of the earth polluting the very air that you breathe!”

“Your years of hateful rhetoric, fraudulent tactics, and lies, have given rise to more enemies then your limited imaginations can fathom. Your current fateful decision, to abandon all but the rich, is the last straw and the nail in your coffin. Your belief that you can do as you like, whenever you like, now ends. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and I now have lots of new friends to choose from.”

Republican intransigence made confrontation unavoidable.

Human rights and basic decency have been under attack by Republicans for decades. The last 9 months have been especially hateful as Republicans pull out all stops. They have broadsided workers rights, women’s rights, Muslim right’s, abortion right’s, and voters right’s, to name just a few.

Republican egotistical arrogance, growing for years, has reached a level where they feel empowered enough into springing their most draconian assault ever. The reason everything is coming to a head now is that they realize if they do not get their agendas passed in this congressional congress, they may never have another chance.

While the American people have been slow to react, I am proud to see them finally emerging from their zombie state. Buyer’s remorse in newly elected officials is growing exponentially. The second American Revolution has begun. Occupy Wall Street and this Declaration of War, is just the beginning. This time we will not lose because Republican tactics will be to pretend it is not happening.

The Arab Spring reminds us of our roots.

Did Republicans think we would be distracted by the revolutions in the rest of the world? If that was their goal then it backfired miserably. They not only shot themselves in the foot, but they still hold tight to their smoking guns for all to see.

Rather than a distraction, the Libyan uprising has been an inspiration and wake-up call to many Americans. It should have been an inspiration to Republicans as well but this was Obama’s War. That fact alone ensures that Republicans will not be inspired regardless of the sacrifices made.

We can thank our Arab brothers for showing us what we knew but had forgotten. Freedom comes at a high price. We can also thank the Tea Party, for unknowingly unleashing a few contributions of their own to the movement that will soon dwarf them. They have alienated all moderates, while constantly reminding us of Thomas Jefferson’s saying,

“The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”

Occupy Wall Street

The division between Republicans and Democrats has been widening for decades. It has now reached its tipping point. Republicans are scared and for good reason. They are not used to watching people fight back. These protests against them… are as American as it gets.

Many Republicans hypocritically state we do not have a right to protest in a way that inconveniences them. Smarter Republicans know better and understand that they have to act quickly or this will get out of hand. They will stop at nothing to keep their ivory towers from crumbling around them. Hiring and provoking people to incite violence are not beyond them.

By telling everyone to fear this movement, saying it only involves anarchists, communists, and any other derogatory name they can think of, Republicans once again try to divide us. They then call for unity, which exposes their desperation, as group after group come out against them. Those who think that this movement is divisive have two choices. They can join us, or be run over by the freight train barreling down at them. If they think things are divisive now, they should wait a bit. Where do they imagine we will be in 1 month? In 6 months?

Now that Republicans find themselves confronted with true American patriots, they are disturbed with the realization that the majority of Americans, the 99%, shamelessly put their own self-interests above those of millionaires and big business.

The Republican Congress commits treason daily.

No one must ever forget the candid and treasonous words given us by the Republican minority leader, Mitch McConnell. After the election of Barack Obama, with the fate of his country teetering on the brink of the largest recession he has ever seen, McConnell did not give us a jobs plan. He also did not give us a plan to bring us out of the recession the Republican Party gave us. Instead the memorable line given was, “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president!” After making this statement, one thing is certain. McConnell has done everything he can, to live up to those words.

Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and Republican conspirators focus like a laser on only one outcome. The absolute and total destruction of the president this country elected. They have made it an art of doing nothing helpful since Obama took office. At the same time, they do everything in their power to head off economic recovery, and make sure Obama falls flat on his face. By hounding him daily, they prove nothing he says or does can garner the right amount of hatred or scorn. They have chosen not only to ensure that the current recession continues, but make it the longest recession in history as well.

Most Americans believe, when elected to office, Congress takes an oath putting country above all else. While Republicans put their hand on the bible, just like everyone before them, the promise they made this time was a lie. Rather than abide by the oath they made to this country, they abide by a separate oath: To serve a behind the scenes, power-hungry, career builder named Grover Norquist.

Grover Norquist, an unelected official, takes the Republican Party to the final level of treasonous behavior. Best known for founding Americans for Tax Reform, in 1985 under Ronald Reagan, Norquist has succeeded in getting Republicans to pledge directly to him that they will not raise taxes under any circumstance. The oath he has wrangled from every Republican official has nothing to do with country and everything to do with politics. By hook or by crook he solidified his position as top kingmaker of the Republican Party, and now has a powerbase giving him absolute rule.

Why is this policy so destructive, let alone illegal and stupid? Forget the fact that absolute power bestowed on an unelected official is dangerous and forbidden. If you can forget this little tidbit, and if you can forget all the details of the last decade, handed to us by the Republican Party, you still cannot deny that sometimes, “Shit happens.” Sometime the Republicans will deliver what we least expect, such as… Oh! I don’t know… MAYBE THE TWO LONGEST RUNNING CESSPOOL WARS IN USA HISTORY!

Republican and the Afghanistan / Iraq Wars

Let us just concentrate on these two wars for a moment. Forget about every other shady detail and criminal behavior I have already accused the Republicans of being party to. How many countries fight a war, even a short one, without raising taxes? How about the two longest wars in their history; at the same time? Does the Republican plan of not raising taxes sound reasonable, or does it sound too much like… suicide?

Republicans could care less that they set the country back economically for decades. In the Republican mind, and the mind of their right wing conspirators, the worst calamity that could befall this great nation would be to come out of recession. Under no circumstances can they allow this to happen. It would mean that their sworn enemy, or in this case their president, had done something to look good. It might even get people to believe that he had been right all along. It might even get people to vote Republicans out of office. Finally, it might get us to demand justice against those who were the actual cause of our recession, those who committed war crimes, and those who committed treason.

By ensuring that this country fails under Obama, Republicans pray we will blame him for our troubles and reelect them as our saviors. Of course, they also pray daily that we forget Republican sins led to the rape of this nation, other nations, and individuals that is still going on.

Christian family values? Right!

Republicans have sold Christian “holier than thou” garbage for years. In spite of their stated God-fearing beliefs, they are caught continuously with their pants down. They are either propositioning people in bathroom stalls, hiding mistresses, love children, lying about weapons of mass destruction, or worse. The hypocrisy of their positions, especially when they conflict with their most sacred stated positions, has no limit.

When a story breaks, about Republicans caught in compromising positions, damage control is fast and furious. It usually starts with blaming whoever leaked the story for playing politics. Often Republicans change the subject by attacking a bill on the floor, or a statement by some Democrat. In the end, they always fall back on their most favored and time-tested defense: Blaming the left-wing communist pinko liberal media, for sensationalizing the issue.

Under no circumstances do Republicans condemn a “misaligned” congressman; unless of course the congressman is a Democrat. Ah yes, “family values”… The wholesome sounding meaning of this phrase is crucified whenever Republicans grab hold of it.

The newest morals Republicans teach their members: Who can be the most disrespectful, hateful, and outrageous to the President? It makes no difference when people ask, “What about Christian values like, Love thy neighbor and, Do unto others…?” These phrases have proven inconvenient for today’s Republicans. They are values that no longer have meaning. It comes as no surprise to many people that those who find their own scriptures inconvenient will find the Constitution inconvenient as well.

The secret to Republican success – money

Holding on to power with limited supporters, a shrinking power base, and Constitutional constraints presents a difficult dilemma for Republicans. Their solution is simple and now obvious to all. Even the youngest schoolchildren can understand the most crucial part of this unfair but logical solution. Even they grasp the fact that money gives an advantage. The more money you have, the greater your advantage. If you cannot grasp this one truth, you are not from this planet. If you believe that unfair advantages are acceptable then you have joined the enemy’s camp.

The Republican battle plan could not work without huge sums of money. Most people have known this for years, and many people have provided us with irrefutable proof. We live with this corrupt system because in theory, it allows for equal corruption under the law for all members of Congress.

The Supreme Court is even corrupted

My disgust for Clarence Thomas, his refusal to excuse himself from issues where his wife Virginia is concerned, and his association with the Koch brothers, will be discussed another day. I will also hold off on the way politics have nominated Supreme Court justices, giving us a fixed and Republican led Supreme Court, since Thomas’ nomination on July 1, 1991.

What I will not fail to mention, is that this country now faces its greatest danger as a direct result to a Supreme Court decision. Since Supreme Court justices serve for a lifetime, I imagine that for the rest of my own life I will never regain my trust for this institution. Most likely, I will hold them in contempt until the day that I die.

The decision I refer to is Citizens United. By recently allowing corporate money to come from infinite and anonymous sources, and allowing corporations to influence debate legally, we are assured corruption at a massive scale. The passing of Citizens United gives Republicans the political equivalent of an atom bomb. Each Republican can now have their finger on their own button, to push whenever someone stands in the way.

Corporations now have exponentially more rights than humans. Humans can only amass their fortunes in a lifetime. Corporations on the other hand live for generations. They can amass more money than nations and kings, and since they have convinced the government and a petrified populous that they are “too big to fail” no one can stop them. The Supreme Court is insane if they think that humans will sit back and allow this outrage to stand.

Republicans have no problem when it comes to laws protecting people from people. Now that the Supreme Court has put it in writing, they do have a problem with laws that would protect people from Congress’ corporate donors. The unfairness of this system is obvious. The radioactive fallout that will occur from this unnatural position is beyond the scope of this blog.

Once Republicans gain access to the riches available, they take their fight on the road, state by state, city by city, person to person. With big corporate treasuries, they easily divide and conquer each little inconsequential group who opposes their message. With all this big money, they can easily lose a battle one week, and start all over the next. With big money, they do not even need to divide and conquer. They just win by attrition. Individuals and minorities are doomed under this system, and do not stand a chance.

The symbiotic relationship, enjoyed between Republicans and big money, has emboldened Republicans into preaching that big business is our savior. This unholy worship illustrates perfectly to whom the Republicans have given their soul. It further proves that they have lost the right to represent the American people, along with their right to govern. Let no one doubt that this insane ideology is by far the biggest danger facing our freedoms today.

How long will Americans put up with Republican treachery and madness? In most democratic societies, any one of these acts would be treason. When will we put some of these criminal traitors in jail? Why are the rest of them not in an asylum?

Summary: Crimes committed by the Republican Congress:

  1. They work only for the destruction of the President and the country.
  2. They sell their services to any millionaire who puts them on the payroll.
  3. They pledge their loyalty to unelected officials.
  4. They have no remorse that they were accessories in an illegal war with hundreds of thousands dead.
  5. They have not prosecuted those guilty on Wall Street.
  6. They ignore the law separating church and state.
  7. They have destroyed decades of proud union heritage.
  8. They roll over and destroy those in their way.
  9. They attack all Democratic institutions, Acorn, Planned Parenthood, ERA, DOE, IRS, etc, etc, etc.
  10. Their motto today, “If you can Google it, you can cut it!”
  11. They lie first. Change their statements as needed; then rinse and repeat.
  12. They destroy our rights, our jobs, our hopes, and our dreams.
  13. They do not believe in The List of Good and Evil.

We cannot afford to wait for the next elections.

Join theRevolutionCenter by demanding that charges be filed against Wall Street criminals. Insist that Bush and his war criminals face up to their crimes. Call for impeachment against Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and their fellow conspirators.

Join the fight to bring back American values, which place human rights above the rights of corporations and greedy men. Join the fight that is coming to every city, every town, every valley and every mountaintop. Add your voice to the multitude that shouts out as one.

“We are the 99%! We believe only in people. We will NEVER accept the abomination of a government of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations. We will never accept a policy that inflicts pain and hardship on minorities, whose only crime is to be different. We will never stop confronting those who live by these beliefs, and finally…”


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