Goals and Guidelines for Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street, a USA revolution?

Having come across innumerable articles, blogs, and opinions on Occupy Wall Street and its supporting movements, the one recurring theme I keep hearing is that there are no leaders, there is no organization, and there are no goals we can point to. This blog hopes to end all that.

While not wanting to sound presumptuous, and knowing that leaders, organizations, and goals are indeed out there, theRevolutionCenter will list what we would like to see achieved, and hope that others will join us. At the same time we want to build a link with other sites and organizations who have different ideas, but who fight for the same cause.

Our goals

  1. A thorough investigation into the Wall Street fiasco. Charges must be brought against all guilty parties with prison terms at least double that of blue collar crimes. Make the punishment fit the crime.
  2. Split up all USA companies that are too big to fail.
  3. Increase USA government regulations on Wall Street; to prevent corporate greed and corruption.
  4. Raise taxes on the 1%.
  5. Disallow all business money from the election process. Corporations are NOT PEOPLE. If a corporation president or business owner wants to donate to a candidate, he can donate only what every other citizen is allowed and NO MORE. Pass laws that level the playing field turning the elite back into normal citizens.
  6. Make PACs illegal. If a company or industry wants to lobby, they can take it to the people. The people will inform their elected officials how they wish them to vote.
  7. Eliminate all cash bonuses to corporate CEOs. Pay them with stock options instead. Work to end society’s warped belief that CEOs are worth their weight in gold. Some are, but most of them…?
  8. End all subsidies and tax incentives to big oil and companies who send jobs overseas.
  9. Give subsidies and tax incentives to green energy projects and companies who bring jobs back home.
  10. Come up with an immediate and workable plan that will solve global warming.
  11. Improve USA infrastructure such as bridges, roads, electric grids, and schools.
  12. Free health care for all.
  13. Immediate pullout from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  14. The destruction of the Republican Party as we know it.
  15. Congress must not be allowed government health care. They can pay for their own heath care like everyone else.
  16. Congress should not be allowed to trade in the stock market. Currently they are the only ones in society who can profit legally from insider trading. This is why so many of the 1% is willing to work for meager government wages.
  17. Congress should be limited to one term only. The professional politician must be rendered extinct. This would immediately ensure that we get an extra 2 years of service out of each politician because they would no longer be wasting 2 years in their never ending reelection campaigns. Additionally this would reduce corruption because congressmen would no longer be forced to campaign for the unimaginable sums of money that corrupt mortal men. Finally, those who do learn how to game the system will take a while to do so. They must not be given the chance to apply what they’ve learned to an entire term.
  18. New USA laws that reaffirm the separation of church and state.
  19. End rules allowing filibusters. Return to the days of majority rule, when the Vice presidents were used to break ties when they occurred.
  20. Make it easier (not harder) for all citizens to vote.

To Occupy Movement Protesters:

A troubling development seems to be happening in the Occupy Movements. It seems the craziest of our leftist brothers are spoiling the message. These trouble makers must be shunned wherever they are, before they do irreparable harm to the movement. For change to result from this movement we must be determined, we must be reasonable, and we must be civilized.

The eyes of the entire world are upon us. Many of our enemies are dead set against us and already have plans to make trouble. How we behave during the next few months will in a large part make or break this movement. The questions that can’t wait for later should be, “Is this movement to be an inspiration to the country, or will it just be a nuisance?”

I do not need to tell intelligent beings where the movement will end if it’s perceived as a nuisance. I will however warn people that if the message is stolen by anarchists and trouble makers, then we don’t stand a chance. These crazies are coming out of the woodwork by the dozens. We must show those out to make trouble that this behavior will not be tolerated. We must stop this trend now; before the movement turns stupid.

Protester’s responsibilities, and rules to follow

  1. Peaceful, peaceful, peaceful
  2. Patrol for, stop and confront, and take pictures of crazies who are just out to make trouble. Knowing that everyone is filming should keep a few idiots from torching a car, or breaking a window.
  3. Do not let trouble makers take over and get caught up in their madness. If they can’t be controlled or reasoned with, move your protest well away from them. They will be feeding on your efforts, not the other way around.
  4. Feed off of, and draw inspiration from the efforts made by the kindred spirits you encounter.
  5. Do not make unreasonable demands.
  6. Do not be confrontational to police. We want them on our side.
  7. Do not be disrespectful when city official comes to talk. Be willing to hear them out. They have as much right to be there as you do. If you refuse to listen, then you stoop to their level.
  8. Do not waste energy, good will, and political capital vilifying innocent corporations. Use your energy to focus only on the corrupt ones.
  9. Use enemy tactics. If a corporation wants to help, accept it graciously, but with the understanding that their money buys advertising only, nothing more.
  10. Respect the law and be civil. Do not be a nuisance to businesses in the area. If businesses complain about the protest in the area, Government will be forced to clear that area out.
  11. Do not be under the illusion that you have more rights than those who live and work in the area
  12. Don’t be stupid. 

See my article on Protesting. Be aware that it deals mainly with repressive and deadly regimes. This is not something we need to worry about in this country, or is it?

What to expect

The first thing one must expect from peaceful protests is mentioned above. There will always be someone who wants to spell trouble. These are not people with the same goals as you and me. Their goals are selfish in nature, and their intent is to cause trouble for everyone; you, me, the opposition, the police… With crazies like this, who needs enemies?

Already the right wing nutcases are working themselves into a frenzy. It should come as no surprise, to those of us who understand their bully tactics, that they will stop at nothing to defeat us. Eventually they are going to unleash the raw unadulterated hatred that we know they are capable of and have come to expect. When this happens, Republicans are going to prove to the world, what we’ve known all along. They are incapable of civilized behavior and will not recognize defeat.

We could celebrate the certainty that Republicans will make our case for us, but let there be no illusions. The sober truth of this outcome is that lives will be lost. Death always brings change, but how we respond, and how many are willing to die remains our biggest test of all. If we answer violence with violence, then we lose our moral high ground.

When Republicans provoke violence, we must take what we learned from our Arab brothers by remaining peaceful. We are dismantling a system that has been deeply ingrained for decades. We are also fighting a group whose beliefs look to the past, whereas we look to the future. The clash of these two alien cultures is coming to a head and in the end, there can be only one.

Of course Republican efforts will be funded as usual by big money, and the closer big money comes to losing its grip in society, the higher the level of violence to be expected. History has shown over and over that the more ivory towers people build for themselves, the harder they fight to make sure their towers don’t crash down around them. Sadly we now have a government run from these towers. Happily, these towers are all made of glass.

Government Response can be ruthless. We can only hope it doesn’t come to this but in the end we must expect provocation.

To those in the trenches: Expect the unexpected, don’t get discouraged, stay on message, be brave, and…

Never Surrender!

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  1. Kaleigh says:

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