Help Others

To those who would like to help with this cause by volunteering time or donating money: please click on Contact Us.

Ways to help those in need are listed below.

  • Speaking out loudly against injustice.
  • Reporting and categorizing these injustices.
  • Giving a voice to those fighting for freedom and their very lives.
  • Providing a safe haven to those who need one.
  • Giving aid to those suffering in any way possible.
  • Rallying your own government and people; while demanding action.
  • Join the discussions, found at the bottom of all major pages and posts, of this website.
  • Teach the lessons you learn.

Special emergency help is needed immediately:

Any revolution that is currently trying to overthrow a dictator needs a lot of help NOW. To give a very real sense as to what these people are up against, just imagine your life void of any one of the items listed below. Not all what is listed is needed in every situation, but for those who lack the basics their very existence means life or death.

  • Support for refugees
  • Tents, blankets
  • Medicine, medical supplies, bandages
  • Doctors, nurses
  • Blood
  • Caskets
  • Food and water; prepared in acceptable ways to local customs.
  • Ambulances, trucks, cars
  • Money
  • Generators
  • Fuel
  • Body armor and other personal protective gear
  • Uniforms, boots
  • Secure communications, radios
  • Binoculars
  • Trainers who can teach how to work all unfamiliar equipment
  • Bomb disposal experts who can quickly identify the ordinance used in the area, and teach how to disable mines and unexploded bombs. See Land mines

This list was made in the hope that someone somewhere can help supply something to those who need it most.

It is understood that many of the items above are beyond the scope of ordinary citizens. They are not however, beyond the scope of your own government. Often governments must be forced into action. Sometimes they are pushed from within, other times they are pushed by outside forces. Either way it’s the right thing to do, when inaction leads to more misery, and when time is of the essence. Just choose your crisis. They’re going on all over.

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  1. Scott Eaton says:

    Just click on the Contact Us link in the menu, or top of this page. My email address will be found at the top of the page.

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