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Here are some links on internet copyright protection.

There are hundreds if not thousands of links on this subject. Just search “internet copyright protection”.

Government documents, and articles that are clearly marked, do not belong to us. If in doubt contact Scott M. Eaton by sending email to Scott@theRevolutionCenter.com.

Members may use a paragraph or two of our content, but only if they link to the page on our site where this information was taken. In other words, a link will serve as a bibliography of sorts, crediting us for our hard work.

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Due to the thousands of spam postings received, we state in the strongest of terms.


Listed below are our rules for posting comments:

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  1. No Spam: Most spammers will leave short positive comments merely to disguise the fact that they are spammers. Flattery does not entitle you to link an outside website to sell your product, or someone else’s. We delete comments we regard as spam and ban any spammer from further use of this website.
  2. No Screen Name ads: If your screen name advertises a product, you are treated as spam.
  3. When accepting our terms you will be asked to type your initials. Spam robots tend to type in the word “agree” or “agreed”. If you use either of these words, in place of your initials, you will automatically be flagged as a spam robot.
  4. No Lying: If you post erroneous information and outright lies, you will be banned.
  5. No Trolling: Trolls are those people whose sole purpose is picking a fight. Arguing is fine; trash talk is not.
  6. Racists, sexists, religious extremists, or megalomaniacs: If you fall into these categories, this website is not for you. See: List of Good and Evil

Think before posting:

  1. Dangerous people may monitor this website. It is advised that you refrain from posting your address or phone number.
  2. Disagreeing with someone can start a flame war. If you must disagree, try to remain civilized.
  3. Proof read before submitting your comment. A single comma can add a completely new meaning.
  4. TheRevolutionCenter is in no way responsible for other people’s comments.

Once banned, only a personal email and apology, will allow you to rejoin this community.

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by Scott M. Eaton
Created: November 22, 2012

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