I support NATO’s actions

I support NATO’s actions. I just don’t support the way NATO is handling its operation. To those who call NATO a killer, what do you say about Gaddafi? To those who demand a ceasefire; tell Gaddafi to go first. If that were to happen, this war would end in a minute. I wouldn’t like it, but I would accept it. Gaddafi needs to be put on trial or there will truly be no justice.

The problem with NATO is that they are too cowed into NOT stating the side they are on. This is ludicrous. Of course they support the freedom fighters and they should quit pussy footing around and say so. They should support all military operations carried out by the freedom fighters and stop bombing Tripoli. The fight isn’t happening there. It is happening almost everywhere else.

The war is killing how many? No one knows, but everyone throws out figures as if they are all experts on the subject. It just depends on who you believe and which layer of BS you’re going to repeat. One thing is certain. The war will not end until Gaddafi is gone. The sooner the better and the sooner he is gone the more lives will be saved.

If you support Gaddafi you are supporting a lost cause. If you continue to support a lost cause that is your right, but many of us will question your motives and condemn you for the rest of your life. That is our right, and that is my final word… Or not.

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