Is It Worth Selling Your Soul, to Prevent A Palestinian State?

Palestinians already belong to a state. The Palestinians know this, the world knows this, and even Israel and the USA know this. Zionist tirades, mischaracterizations, and denials do not change the facts. By continuing to fight a losing battle the enemies of reason expose their own hypocrisy, for all to see.

Whether you support Israel or not, one thing should be certain; time is not on Israel’s side. Israel must cast off its blinders, and realize it can no longer rely on the undying support of the American people. Many Americans have had it with Israel. In fact, Israel has been hemorrhaging American and world support for years.

Rather than proposing solutions that are fair and balanced, Israelis have wrapped themselves into the righteousness of a failed belief that the Palestinians, unlike the rest of the world, don’t even deserve to be called Palestinian. This belief is sick, and it is wrong. Only a people who have subjugated another people, the way the Israelis have been doing, would ever suggest such a thing.

I am sick and tired of the way the USA gives Israel a free hand in the area. I am sick of American dollars that still flow into Israeli and Middle East coffers. Peace and security in the area has been an illusion, bought for with US dollars and with no end in sight. The flow of billions into this region is the reason peace will never be achieved there. There is just no money in it. This madness has got to stop. It has been an abysmal failure and now, with the downfall of Mubarak in Egypt, this peace is even more tenuous and about to be rewritten.

Israeli intransigence has been shameful for some time now. It goes against decency, and must now be fought by all those who believe in reason. Israel has already lost their 2 only real allies in the region, Turkey and Egypt. How many more will it take before they come to their senses?

The USA is now at a crossroads. We can join the rest of the world, and make a stand that obstruction to peace will not be tolerated, or we can sell our soul, and go down with a sinking ship.

If Israel continues this path, they will lose even more support from the USA. By continuing to show disinterest in any kind of acceptable solutions, they sow the seeds to their own destruction.

History always revisits Jerusalem; it has never been kind when it does.

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4 comments on “Is It Worth Selling Your Soul, to Prevent A Palestinian State?
  1. Jayce says:

    That’s raelly shrewd! Good to see the logic set out so well.

  2. Sondi says:

    Wow, this is in every respect what I needed to know.

  3. Altova says:

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