Message to the Freedom Fighters of Libya

Written in response to the following  story

It is heartening to hear that you freedom fighters of Libya are finally getting some weapons. This is something the world should have provided, but the West’s paranoia about what you will do with them, after the war, has clouded their judgement. They refuse to accept the real need, and the obvious. We don’t need to send “boots on the ground.” They are already there. They are called LIBYANS!

As a Westerner, I apologize to you guys for the way Gaddafi has been provided the very weapons you are up against, while the world refuses you the basics to fight him.

For those of us in the West who are inspired by your courage and bravery, it is also wonderful to hear that you are winning this war in spite of the ineptness of NATO. In my mind, had we aided you correctly, NATO would have provided you weapons and concentrated their efforts on linking up Misrata and Benghazi. I always thought the early stages should have been protecting Misrata, and paving the way though Brega and Sirte.

Who would have guessed that those in the Nafusa Mountains were such a wild card, and that you would have such an effect? Thanks to your breakout, Gaddafi is finished. I salute you.

Do not believe all the stories you hear from those saying that you are al-Qaeda, and those worried about who will replace Gaddafi. I know that al-Qaeda is only a small percentage of those involved in this fight. I am also not worried about who will replace “the devil,” when you guys finally win. In my mind you have said, and continue to say, all the right things from the start. I hope the day comes where we meet as friends in the future.

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