Predator Drones – the Ultimate Terrorist Weapon

Predator drones

In more and more countries, predator drones from the USA now rule the skies. It is only a matter of time before people of conscience unite in accusing the U.S. of crimes against humanity. Let there be no mistake. While many in the U.S. are proud of our military might, drones are just the newest in USA terrorist weapons.

Predator drones

Predator drones – the ultimate terrorist weapon

There is no doubt as to what our response would be if any nation dared do to us what we are now doing to them. If a foreign drone killed any one of the thousands of terrorists who reside here, by invading our territory, we would be at war that very day. Whether these terrorist were our own homegrown brand, or those to whom we have granted asylum, there would be no waiting, no room for debate, and no negotiations.

Our new breed of elected officials, along with their criminal cohorts, have the audacity to insist that people who live outside of the country do not have the right even to a trial in absentia. Instead of bringing criminals to justice, they offer no justice at all.

History never forgets war crimes

At least Nazis did their killings up close and personal. The USA, on the other hand, sanitizes their killing by doing it remotely, far away from the action, using robots on autopilot.

Fortunately, history caught up to the Nazis and war criminals. Trials forced many to confront the evil of their actions. This should serve as a reminder to those who believe might make right. When history catches up to them, those who follow illegal orders from their superiors may face trials of their own. Their pleas that they were just following orders, or they did it for God and country, will invariably fall on deaf ears.

Like Germany under Nazi rule, we are pushed to believe that those who are not one of us do not deserve human rights the way we do. We are cursed with people who believe we have the right to be judge, jury and executioner. Even in this country, people have to commit a crime before they can be held accountable. With our new way of thinking, we just kill people first and ask questions later.

The reason we have laws is to prevent just this sort of behavior. The reason we have trials is to prevent the low lives of the earth from forcing their beliefs on the rest of us. This belief is core to everything this country used to stand for. Hundreds of thousands have died fighting for the rule of law, and for freedom, and for justice. The question that now confronts us is, “Did they all die in vain?”

People correctly ask, “When will these drone strikes be used against U.S. citizens?” What many fail to realize is that they already have. Anwar al-Awlaki was an American. So was his son. It is even possible that both of these men were “bad dudes,” as reported by some nameless bureaucrat. However, without even the pretense of a trial there is no proof, one-way or the other. The only proof we are left with came from a nameless and faceless ghost from the past, who never testified in court.

Department of Justice White Paper

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has come out with a 16-page explanation as to who deserves due process under the law, and how they came to their reasoning. I for one hate the way the DOJ white washes and sanitizes their argument by calling it a “White Paper.” This terminology makes it sound so clean, legal, and above all, absolute.

Below are some of the talking points the DOJ uses for assassination. The full transcript can be found by clicking the following link: Department of Justice White Paper.

The white paper sets forth a legal framework for considering the circumstances where the USA can use lethal force in a foreign country we are not at war with. Without worrying about the legality, or consequence of this inconvenient fact, the only thing that matters is we are striking against “suspected” members of al-Qaeda. This paper by no means attempts to determine the minimum requirements necessary by law when pursuing this policy. The DOJ also refuses to give details on how they arrived at their conclusions, or who came up with them.

The main focus involves the following three conditions:

  1. An informed; high level official of the U.S. government has determined that the targeted individual poses an imminent threat of violent attack against the United States.
  2. Capture is infeasible, and the United States continues to monitor whether capture becomes feasible.
  3. The operation would be conducted in a manner consistent with applicable law of war principles.

Ask 100 lawyers what they think, and they will give you 100 answers. Ask my opinion and I will state that I do not need a lawyer or bureaucrat in forming my own answer. This practice is wrong and goes against everything I stand for. I could give a damn about what this report says. I also damn anyone who says that non-Americans do not deserve due process like the rest of us.

The rule of law no longer applies

The belief of some soulless government bureaucrat that we have the right to target those they decide are our enemies, does not make it acceptable. It is immoral, internationally illegal, and is the epitome of the callous disregard some in the USA now hold for the rest of humanity.

Holding trials and prosecuting criminals is supposed to be a deterrent. At the very least, it enlightens the rest of us on why someone is dangerous and why they must be dealt with.

By letting our Presidents get away with murder, we are telling them they can continue this practice unabated. By remaining silent when we see evil, and not demanding that this practice stop, we are as guilty as those who commit these atrocities.

When did the U.S. stop believing in speedy trials and the rule of law? When did it start believing in blatant murder? The answer in my mind is obvious. Egged on by Dick Cheney, George W. Bush stated that the government had the right to kidnap, torture, and hold people, in prison forever without a trial – including U.S. citizens. The day we decided not to prosecute Bush, Dick Cheney, and their criminal cohorts for their crimes, is the day this county sold its soul to the devil.

Now Obama is continuing in the vein of these sub humans. Since this country did not react in horror when they should have, Obama is not only copying some of their crimes, he is increasing them. The Obama administration has upped the ante by saying the president now decides who lives and who dies.

Who gave him this right? Why are we not all SCREAMING LIKE HELL?

No one in their right minds would allow citizens the luxury of murder. When will we hold our presidents to the same standards? The crimes of Richard Nixon bugging the opposition’s office at Watergate, now seems quaint in comparison to the crimes our current presidents commit. When Gerald Ford pardoned Nixon, he set the standards that the country still lives with today.

Predator drone strikes

Do I believe my government’s reports that predator drone strikes have decimated al-Qaeda? NO, I DO NOT! Just like George W. Bush’s claims on Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, these statements are all lies. Along with the countless countries al-Qaeda already resides in, their newest playground now includes Mali, Libya, and Syria.

What I do know, without question, is that drone strikes are the best recruiting tool al-Qaeda has had for over a decade. Why would they let us live in peace? Al-Qaeda will not forget, nor will they let this crime go unchallenged. They have always been on a mission from God. Now their mission is justified.

Innocent lives are lost continuously by our use of predator drones. We do not know how many because our government is not talking. What is even worse is the numbers who were innocent and yet still targeted; by incompetence, those holding a grudge, or other nefarious reasons. Once again, our government remains silent on this issue, while those in the USA remain blissfully ignorant.

The end of the USA as we know it

The USA is no longer the home of the brave and the land of the free. We have become the home of the paranoid and the land where absolute freedom is granted only to those who can afford it.

To the rest of the world there are no pretenses that we still hold the moral high ground. Who can respect us when we refuse to respect our own laws? We may still be a super power, but history is full of superpowers whose reign ended once the rest of the world turned against them.

Those who still believe that this country is what others aspire to be need to wake up. Recent history has shattered this myth. History has also taught us repeatedly – those who give up on their own laws do not enjoy peace.

We have a lot of work to redeem ourselves. The question that begs asking is, “Are there enough of us left who are up to the challenge?”

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