Infiltrators must be expected

All revolutions must expect infiltrators in their ranks. Their purpose is to gather minute details for the government, sow seeds of discontent, make false accusations, and more.

The government will send infiltrators into a group of protesters to start violence. They may also turn their agents into looters or saboteurs. Either way their goal is to show protesters who once seemed peaceful to now appear violent.

When suspecting someone as an infiltrator, question them immediately. Be aware that false accusations can be more damaging than real infiltrators, by breeding suspicion and mistrust.

How to spot infiltrators

  • They are unaware of the secret passwords, handshakes, or gestures used.
  • Those who make false accusations may be infiltrators.
  • Does the government hold hostage any of their family members?
  • If they are a reporter are they known, are their stories correct? Are they on your side?
  • They might have the only working phone in the area, or government issued equipment.
  • Do they disappear for long times, or disappear often?
  • Are they strangers to the area?
  • Are they in places they do not belong?
  • Do they work for long hours, with no one around?
  • Are they too generous with money?
  • Do they ask probing questions
  • Are they too interested in leaders, organizers, etc?
  • Do they recommend people of dubious character?
  • Are they unwavering in their support for the other side?
  • Tell them a secret (Misinformation and Deception) and see if the government acts on this information.

How to use infiltrators to your advantage:

  • Misinformation
  • Follow them to see if they lead you to other infiltrators.
  • Can you turn them to your side with bribery, gifts, etc?

How to infiltrate the enemy

  • Know what the enemy expects of you.
  • Know the dangers involved.
  • Know your limitations.
  • Leave your beliefs behind. You must be in complete agreement with the enemy.
  • Do not carry any items that can give you away.
  • See Espionage

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by Scott M. Eaton
Created: May 12, 2011
Modified: March 26, 2013

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