Warning – Read 1st

Warning: dangerous suggestions

Many suggestions in this website are dangerous to carry out, while others may lead to death. There are no guarantees in life and fewer still when it comes to fighting for freedom.

For those of us secure in our cozy chairs, blessed with a stable country and a life of hope, it is impossible to appreciate the dangers others are facing. By trying to help those who face hopeless paths and situations, our greatest mission is the wish that people be safe.

To those who do decide to place themselves in danger, realize that most of us have absolutely no life experience in the situation you face. All we can wish for is that something in this site helps you, and that you find comfort knowing that we hear you, we want to help, and we ask for you to hold on. We sadly realize that words and promises are meaningless, for someone in your place.

If anyone reads advice in this site that they know is in error or especially dangerous, or if you have concerns about any sites that we share links with, PLEASE: let us know immediately. You may comment on this page, the page where you read the advice, or email Scott Eaton directly at Scott@theRevolutionCenter.com.

Written by Scott M. Eaton
Created on … May 16, 2011