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The Mali War will be over in weeks

Unlike those claiming that the Mali War will be worse than Afghanistan, I predict the reality will turn out quite different. In fact, the War in Mali will be one of the quickest wars this world has seen in decades.

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Negotiating with a dictator gives a revolution time to organize. It is also a quagmire if the government adopts enough of the movement’s ideas to dilute its power, while wearing down the protesters. Usually dictators have no intention of living

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Military Tactics

All great warriors study battles, military tactics, history, yoga… Whatever they feel will give them an edge. Sun Tzu’s, The Art of War may be the most studied teachings over the ages on warfare. Sun Tzu was a master of

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Stage 3: Dictator Response

Dictator response and expectations When dealing with a dictator response, remember there is strength in numbers. You become weaker if you allow the opposition to divide and conquer your group or others around you. Keep protests civil; do not let

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Stage 2: Peaceful Protests

Peaceful Protests Peaceful protests are vital because protests that do not resort to violence are much harder to put down. Dictators are familiar with violence. When protesters stoop to their level, they know how to deal with them. The world

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Changing Times

This website gives a global voice to people fighting for peace, human rights, freedom and justice. Repressed people are no longer alone in their struggles, living in a world where no one can hear them. It has been too easy

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