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Stage 4: Civil War

“Give me liberty, or give me death!” Patrick Henry, during the American Revolution. Civil war and responsibilities When civil war begins there is no going back, especially for those in leadership positions. The struggle now truly becomes life and death

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A World of Freedom

Dear Scott, I am very interested in what you are attempting to accomplish in spreading democracy and hope you will find my following views of interest. A WORLD OF FREEDOM A compelling reason for considering and debating my views is

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TheRevolutionCenter Congratulates Libya and the World

Libya has been an inspiration. Libya’s revolution reminds us once again that freedom must be fought for, it is not cheap, and it must never be taken for granted. Libya has also proven that at least part of the world

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TheRevolutionCenter Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement supports the Occupy Wall Street Movement and all those who help make it happen. TheRevolutionCenter would also like to thank those involved for keeping this movement peaceful, and for showing Republicans, and the rest or the world, what real

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Rail against Con Coughlin Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph’s executive foreign editor Con Coughlin, is supposedly a world-renowned expert on the Middle East and Islamic terrorism. He is also a bigot and a racist, and did zero research for his latest article. This so

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Freedom Fighter’s Pledge to Mankind

Freedom Fighter’s Responsibility The new weapons available in fighting for freedom bring great opportunity, and responsibility. Freedom fighters trying to reach out should make a pledge to the world. It not only increases support for your cause, it will also

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Building a Government

Building a Government in times of crisis It is beyond the scope of this website to discuss building a government, after winning a revolution. Every country is different, and I will not be impertinent as to suggest ways of building

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Movement Leaders

Leaders and Subordinates The leaders chosen during a revolution are important, but not as important as the command structure beneath them. While it is preferable to have a single figurehead who is capable, their subordinates are actually in charge. If

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