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This section pertains to war, why it should be avoided, why we are so wrapped up in it, how we can stop it, and what we must know when it is forced upon us. Sooner or later war will revisit every nation on

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Freedom Fighter’s Pledge to Mankind

Freedom Fighter’s Responsibility The new weapons available in fighting for freedom bring great opportunity, and responsibility. Freedom fighters trying to reach out should make a pledge to the world. It not only increases support for your cause, it will also

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The Pledge to Mankind

The Pledge to Mankind serves as a call to arms for all who support Good, in the battle between Good and Evil. Whereas the enemies of Good prefer to hide behind double speak, lies, and vague promises, The Pledge to

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Stage 5: After Revolution

What to do now After revolution, what do you do now? How do you tame the galloping voices clamoring persistently, loudly, unceasingly in the mind of a new nation? Silent voices, murmuring voices, shrill voices, booming voices. WHEN DOES IT

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Help fight dictators and tyrants Do you believe that dictators affect your future, your children’s future, your neighbors future, and the well-being of the entire human race? Do you believe there is a struggle between good and evil? Which side

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The List of Good and Evil

The List of Good and Evil is our way of determining who is a friend, and who is not. Edmund Burke is credited for saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do

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About Us

Our missions Primary mission theRevolutionCenter’s primary mission is to reach out to people who believe in peace, human rights, and the struggles to achieve them. We dedicate ourselves to those willing to give their time, money, expertise, and even their

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