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Freedom Fighter’s Pledge to Mankind

Freedom Fighter’s Responsibility The new weapons available in fighting for freedom bring great opportunity, and responsibility. Freedom fighters trying to reach out should make a pledge to the world. It not only increases support for your cause, it will also

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The Pledge to Mankind

The Pledge to Mankind serves as a call to arms for all who support Good, in the battle between Good and Evil. Whereas the enemies of Good prefer to hide behind double speak, lies, and vague promises, The Pledge to

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Movement Leaders

Leaders and Subordinates The leaders chosen during a revolution are important, but not as important as the command structure beneath them. While it is preferable to have a single figurehead who is capable, their subordinates are actually in charge. If

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Pledges …

These are the pledges we believe in and we support all people or revolutions who agree to the following: The Pledge to Mankind should be taken by all civilized people. Freedom Fighter’s Pledge to Mankind is an additional pledge for

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