TheRevolutionCenter Congratulates Libya and the World

Libya has been an inspiration. Libya’s revolution reminds us once again that freedom must be fought for, it is not cheap, and it must never be taken for granted. Libya has also proven that at least part of the world is willing to stand up for the rights of those fighting to be free. This is indeed a good omen. It doesn’t take many countries to make a huge difference, or bring change to the world.

To the Libyan people

To the Libyan people I make this plea. The ball is now in your court. How you choose to proceed from this point is of huge importance to the world. I believe that you are about to reshape world history in more ways then we can imagine. This places an enormous burden on Libya and its people. The big question now is, “Are you up to the challenge?”

The way forward from here might lead to a number of outcomes, the worst being that Libya becomes a curse to the world, and a lesson as to why we should leave dictatorships to their own devices. Should this be the outcome, a dark shadow could befall us costing the world decades to overcome.

An alternative path, with a much better outcome, could be that Libya continues to inspire the world and those dreaming of freedom. Libya could prove once and for all that old enemies and divisive beliefs can be forgotten. At the same time Libya’s success could inspire a whole new round of protests worldwide that focus on individual rights, not the rights of dictators, governments, corporations, and religions.

There are those who already argue, and I certainly am one of them, that Libya and the Arab Spring was the catalyst and inspiration needed in the USA that brought us the Wisconsin protests and the Occupy Wall Street movement. It took the Arab movements to remind us what we stand for and to teach us a lesson long forgotten. You can fight City Hall after all. You can be a part of the solution; instead of part of the problem.

To the Libyan people, and all Arabs dealing with their own version of the Arab Spring: I salute you. I am inspired by your struggles and marvel at your resilience. I celebrate your new found freedom and wish you the best.

My congratulatory tone, and wish for your future, comes with a number of warnings:

  • Know that freedom is a constant struggle that never ends.
  • Realize that the world has yet to see a perfect democracy. Democracy is constantly evolving.
  • If you are corrupted by religious extremists or money, democracy and freedom will die.
  • DO NOT COPY THE VERSION OF DEMOCRACY YOU SEE IN THE USA. We are corrupted by religious extremists and money. Only a 2nd revolution in this country will change the unequal system we now live under.

As a final note: Don’t ever give up. It will take vision, national pride, hard work, and a lot of luck, but millions outside of Libya are willing to help and have faith in you. Do not let the world down.

In the end it could be the Libyans who teach mankind the true meaning of freedom. It could be the Libyans who bring us a new style of government that is truly of the people, for the people, and by the people.

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