TheRevolutionCenter Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement supports the Occupy Wall Street Movement and all those who help make it happen. TheRevolutionCenter would also like to thank those involved for keeping this movement peaceful, and for showing Republicans, and the rest or the world, what real American protests can achieve.

Republicans have a big problem with the Occupy Movement, the least not being that the people doing the occupying won’t give them the time of day. We are sick of Republican tactics. We accuse them of class war fare against 99% of the American people. We reject their belief that big corporations and millionaires can do no wrong, and must be coddled and even worshiped. While Democrats are by no means blameless for our current events, at least they support the American people.

It has become blatantly obvious to all, that Republicans preach nothing but hate and divisiveness. Their refusal to even consider ways to end corporate greed and corruption exposes their black hearts. They care less about their constituents, and more about the upper 1%, willing to pay them big bucks for their corruption. As long as money is allowed to influence elections, the American people do not stand a chance. As long as money is allowed to influence elections, newly elected officials don’t stand a chance of remaining honest. As long as money is allowed to influence elections, the American dream will be in danger of becoming the American nightmare.

There are a number of ways to look at the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

1. Those who want to be divisive will have us believe that the movement is anti establishment. They shout, “Anarchists are intent on bringing down capitalism and the government.” If they are correct, then this has been the most polite group of anarchists to ever walk the face of the earth. Where are the broken windows? Where are the burned and burning automobile hulks, businesses, and government buildings that should be littering the landscape of America by now? It is small wonder that the most recent polls by New Yorkers give the protesters a 67% approval rating. At the same time, 87% of New Yorkers polled said that the protesters had a constitutional right to protest. Somehow, the thought of New Yorkers supporting anarchists is foreign to me.

When Major Bloomberg declared that the people had to vacate the area, with the pretext that the park had to be cleaned, people went crazy. This craziness however was not the kind we would expect from a group of unruly anarchists. Instead an orderly mob showed up with mops, brooms, cleaning rags, and all manner of cleaning solutions in hand. An even crazier outcome would be if the park were now the cleanest it had ever been.

2. Those who are clueless regarding this movement, point out that it has no leaders, causes, or goals. While this is true at the moment, these people fail to grasp the big picture. The most important part to be understood is that this is not a single movement. This is also not an exclusive club set up by the Republicans and their Tea Party conscience. While the Tea Party and the Republicans only allow members who agree to their narrow vision, Occupy Wall Street matches Democratic values by inviting everyone to participate. By allowing a multitude of movements with hundreds of issues, the Occupy Wall Street Movement allows people to pick and choose the issues they feel are important. One issue or many different issues, there are no limits in where people can lend their support.

Catchy phrases and common goals will come soon enough for the Occupy Wall Street Movement. For now the movement is merely an avenue for everyone with a grievance to get together and find out who shares their views, which grievances demand their attention, and which ones do not. Issues that are reasonable to the majority of Americans will fly, while those groups who make ridiculous demands will crash and burn on their own. This is the way real democracy works, and to the horror of the Republican Party, it doesn’t get more American than this. All of a sudden, the Tea Party movement has become irrelevant.

3. Those who embrace the Occupy Wall Street Movement are not swayed by Republican rhetoric. We reject those who say we are anti capitalists. We are however, adamantly against corruption, corporate greed, and laws that don’t hold politicians and corporate criminals accountable. How many Wall Street bankers and brokers are in jail as a result of the largest theft in the history of mankind? Zero. This is an outrage! What is even more outrageous is that so many other Republican dirty tactics have taken even more importance, causing the country to lose focus on the real issues at hand.

Most of us blame the Republicans for the current state of the union. We are also horrified at the responses given by Republican officials, their visions of the future, and their plans on digging us out of the hole they dumped us into. They want us to accept leftovers, when we used to get steak.

The truth of the matter is that for now, no one owns the Occupy Wall Street Movement. At the same time no one can predict where this movement will lead. That is why it is so effective, and that is why it will continue to grow in spite of Republican concerns. What remains to be seen is how well Democrats and Independents can capitalize on the Occupy Movement. They have been given this gift on a silver platter. They could select any number of demands from the protesters, and make them their own. Never before has history given them such a golden opportunity. They had better not blow it.

The Republican vision:

Below are just some of the Republicans plans for our future.

  • Don’t tax the rich
  • Make promises to Grover Norquist, instead of the American people.
  • Don’t regulate big business; let small business fend for themselves.
  • Harass, denigrate, and repeal the rights for gays, Latinos, and Arabs at every opportunity.
  • Vilify and fire teachers, policemen, and firemen because they turn us into a, wait for it…“Socialist society.”
  • Shut down Social Security. Once again we must not emulate socialism.
  • Shut down the IRS, EPA, and DOT, they are all socialist.
  • Follow Tim Pawlenty’s moronic statement, “If you can Google it, you can cut it.”
  • Declare war on 99% of the population.
  • Declare war on all unions.
  • Destroy the most popular governmental institution in the USA, the American Post Office.
  • Call the unemployed freeloaders, and then cut off their benefits.
  • Bring up another anti-abortion law, again, and again, and again.
  • Since minorities and the poor tend to vote Democratic, make it harder for them to vote.
  • Keep asking Obama, “Where are the jobs?” Block every attempt he comes up with.
  • Keep telling the American public that they are focused on jobs, “Like a laser.”
  • Spread lies, insults, and hate day after day.
  • Keep insisting that people gave them a mandate in the last elections, in spite of the polls.
  • Keep refusing to distance themselves from those who preach lies and hate with words like, “Obama is Kenyan,” and, “Obama hates America, our culture, and our democracy.”

The list above illustrates clearly what to expect from Republicans in the future. Americans have heard the plan they have in store, and we are not swallowing it. Poll after poll proves this and yet the Republican message plays like a broken record, repeating the same old regurgitated ideas over and over.  Time after time, they continue to be not only an embarassment to this country, but a danger to the rest of the world.

Republicans fantasize of a time where America was the land of milk and honey. What they cannot accept, or refuse to admit, is that America has rarely been the land of milk and honey; unless you belonged to the top 1%, unless you had connections, unless you belonged to the establishment, unless you were white.

Many people in America, along with the rest of the world, have had to struggle and fight for years to win their freedoms and rights. Many of us still alive were involved in these struggles. Now Republicans want to repeal rights we have enjoyed for years.

Perhaps the Republicans thought that Americans would be distracted and silenced by what was going on in the Middle East. If that was the plan it blew up in their faces. Rather than distracting the American people, the Arab Spring has been an inspiration. Rather than remaining silent, Americans have decided to speak out. By ignoring the polls the Republicans have forced a growing number of people out into the streets to shout with a force that cannot be ignored. By ignoring the polls, the scariest nightmare a Republican can imagine has now been unleashed upon them. They have reawakened the sleeping giant that is… the liberal left.

The sleeping liberal left has been reawakened.

Years ago the liberal left was at the forefront of most major protests. Like today, reasonable ideas were scoffed at by the conservative right. We had to fight for every issue and there were countless wrongs that needed to be fought for. Issues such as women’s rights, the right to choose, racial equality, ending the Vietnam War, and raising the minimum wage are just a few of the hard won battles that today are taken for granted.

Some people might wonder, what happened to the liberals of yesterday. Others wished to believe that we had disappeared into the fringe elements, even mocking us by turning liberal into a dirty word. The truth of the matter is: In spite of the right wing beliefs and rhetoric, we have always been here.

What happened was we were very good at winning the issues we fought for and over the years, our demands were met. Naturally once demands are met the need to protest ends. As more demands are satisfied, protests become fewer and fewer until finally, critical mass can no longer be achieved. When this tipping point is reached, protests no longer achieve results and the protesting stops. Once protesting stops, newly won rights get taken for granted, and the passions and struggles of the past are slowly forgotten.

Unfortunately the battles we thought won, were not won after all. Our old enemies, emboldened by our silence over the years, took it to believe that we no longer cared enough to stand in their way. They returned with a vengeance, hoping to force their views upon us once again. Their goal for years has been to turn back the clock, slowly and methodically. They know not to take this fight national. They lost that battle before and they know they would lose it again. Instead, and financed by corporate funding and greed, they have carefully taken the battle state by state, hoping it would get past us unnoticed.

Slowly and surely, they have chipped away over the years. By redistricting, changing the rules, and electing and appointing their own cronies, they have quietly worked behind the scenes. Too much change would make it too obvious and bring back their dreaded enemy, the liberal left. They were slow and they were patient, and they almost got away with it.

As the Republicans waged war against our rights, I have dreamed of the return of the liberal left. Although liberals have taken years to react, I will now say it appears they have not let me down. The mobilization has begun.

In the near future will make a list of our own demands. Until then, we will only say that it is time to fight our enemies where it hurts them the most. We must pass a law that overrides the outrageous Supreme Court ruling allowing unregulated and unreported donations by corporations. We must strangle the money tree that gives big business the power to elect, appoint, and even corrupt newly elected Republicans AND Democrats. By educating the public to all underhanded and closed door tricks, used by politicians, we can teach the public how to spot the tricks used, and how to report them.

This time the liberals must go all the way. Not to do so is too scary to contemplate. Today we have the internet that allows us to check facts instantly. This is a weapon never available before. This is a weapon that empowers us. Republicans can run and hide from mainstream media, but somewhere, somehow, someone is going to report to the country and to the world the lies, missteps, and idiotic remarks associated to the Republican Party. Our mission now includes saving the soul of our country. We will not surrender and we will not retreat.

Coming up: TheRevolutionCenter Declares War On the Republican Congress

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7 comments on “TheRevolutionCenter Supports Occupy Wall Street Movement
  1. Gabrielle says:

    I found myself nodding my noggin all the way through.

  2. Jayde says:

    Time to face the music armed with this great information.

  3. Autodesk says:

    Keep ‘em coming… you all do such a great job at such Concepts… can’t tell you how much I, for one appreciate all you do!

  4. Adobe says:

    I would like to praise the creator of this blog for his work! Great posts, cute design and frequent updates! Keep up the good work!

  5. Barry says:

    Great article. Alot to read, but many great points.

    I’ve been saying it for years… The key to returning to the greater fairness proposed by Democrats is to rid politics of corruption. And in my view, the only way to do that is to NOT allow unlimited or anonymous funds to saturate politics. I thought bribery was illegal, anyway.

    The richest have the most money to “invest” in politics, and the Republican ideals (lower taxes, less regulation, etc) are just what they’re looking for. Money talks and gobs of money is simply a way for the rich (those without scruples) to shout loudest. Of course, anyone given this money doesn’t want to lose it (Dems included), so most politicians treat their biggest donors as more influential than those of us who just vote. That’s got to change.

    I’d love to return to the day when we just check that box on our tax returns that gives $1.00 to the election fund (remember that check box?). I’d even up it a bit. On second thought… forget the checkbox. A set amount paid for by taxes (yeah, someone has to set the amount) could be divied up between the top candidates (those with x% approval or better). (There are plenty of other details to be worked out.) I just hope we can keep it under a few billion dollars ;)

    And whatever happened to compassion for the less fortunate. Isn’t that taught by most religions? A topic for another day.