Dennis Kucinich Stoops to New Low

Dennis Kucinich has always been one of the most naive politician’s I can think of. His pacifism leads to ideas that are unreasonable, unworkable, unrealistic, and sometimes downright dangerous to carry out.

While I salute pacifists for their beliefs, they are a little annoying to those who believe not all wars are evil. In a world full of dictators, war too often is the only choice left. As bad as it sounds, humanity will always have to fight for their rights before things get out of control.

After reading Kucinich’s article, Time to end Nato’s war in Libya, written Sunday 21, 2011, I find him to be the quintessential hateful, lying, and cynical politician that he must have been all along.

Below is the rebuttal I give to Kucinich on his entire post. Every word he wrote is in boxed quotes below. I have not left a single word out. I didn’t have to. Every paragraph he writes deserves a comment and some paragraphs deserve a lot more. Time will limit me in my response, but let us begin.

Behold Denis Kucinich…

“In March of this year, the US, France, Britain, and their North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) allies launched military operations in Libya under the guise of a “humanitarian intervention”. US diplomats and world leaders carelessly voiced unsubstantiated claims of an impending massacre in Benghazi”

This is not a “guise” as Kucinich puts it. NATO is there for humanitarian intervention just like they say. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Some of us believe it is the world’s responsibility to right the wrongs of the past. Especially when in many cases we were the cause. The world gave Gaddafi the power and attention he craves. It is now way past time to take it away.

There’s also no doubt, in the minds of the people who live in Misrata, Az-Zawiyah, Brega, and Ras Lanuf, that the bloodbath Kucinich refuses to acknowledge, already has occurred. Every report I’ve heard, coming from these cities, confirm this. Kucinich however, is willing to take the word of a dictator, but not the terrorized people who are  being murdered.

What Kucinich calls, “unsubstantiated claims of an impending massacre?” Those would be the bombed out tanks, armored carriers, and other military heavy equipment, that litter the desert outside Benghazi. Maybe he believes those tanks were out for an early Sunday drive on Saturday Mar 19, 2011. Those of us who had our eyes open back then remember fighter bombers in the air at the same time. They were NOT on training missions. They were dropping live bombs on live people.

“You hear no such appeals to humanity while Nato, in the name of the rebels (whoever they are), prepares to lay siege to Tripoli.”

If Kucinich has a problem with the rebels, or “whoever they are,” maybe he could do a little more research like a lot of us have. The National Transitional Council sound reasonable to me. It’s Gaddafi who sounds absolutely, “whacko.” If you’re interested in whom the rebels are just visit, or Google “National Transitional Council.” There are more than enough reports about them, to help you make up your mind.

“Libyan rebels are now advancing on the capital city of Tripoli with the aid of Nato strikes; this is sure to result in a real bloodbath, as opposed to the one that was conjured in Benghazi this past winter…”

The only bloodbath that will occur in Tripoli will be against Gaddafi soldiers or innocent civilians that get in Gaddafi’s way.

Bloodbaths occur when people are full of bloodlust and out for revenge. The freedom fighters are not suffering from blood lust, and the only revenge they seek is against Gaddafi. Where is my proof for this? So far, every liberated town that has joined the rebel cause. Every single one! Isn’t that remarkable? Apparently, it is not so remarkable and goes unnoticed by Kucinich.

In the above paragraph, Kucinich once again tries to downplay what happened in Benghazi, saying the threat was “conjured.” When the bloodbath he predicts doesn’t happen in Tripoli, will Kucinich ever admit he was wrong? I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

Notice also that Kucinich never mentions anywhere, the bloodbath instigated by Gaddafi on places like Misrata, Az-Zawiyah, Brega, Ras Lanuf, and places whose stories are waiting to be told.

“…Nato is assisting rebels who are blocking food, water and medical supplies from coming into the capital city, and is stopping those who need advanced medical care from travelling to Tunisia to access it. Nato is bombing power stations, creating blackouts, and using Apache helicopters to attack Libyan police checkpoints to clear roads for rebels to advance.”

NATO is not only hitting power stations, they are also hitting rockets, tanks, and anything else that can fire a single round at a civilian or a NATO warplane. They will continue to do so today, tomorrow, or next week for that matter. That’s what NATO is there for. It’s called “degrading the enemy.” Only a fool would believe that just because a gun isn’t firing today, it will remain silent tomorrow.

“NATO… is stopping those who need advanced medical care from travelling to Tunisia to access it.”

There are NO reports, NONE, ZERO, of this happening ever. How far will Kucinich go to prove his point? How much of his soul will he sell? Read on…to find out.

“Regardless of whether Muammar Gaddafi is ousted in coming days, the war against Libya has seen countless violations of United Nations security council resolutions (UNSCRs) by Nato and UN member states. The funnelling of weapons (now being air-dropped) to Libyan rebels was, from the beginning of the conflict, in clear violation of UNSCR 1970. The use of military force on behalf of the rebels, in an attempt to impose regime change,…”

The air drop was by France and Qatar, not by NATO. Once again Kucinich is loose with the facts. Unfortunately, to more and more people these days, facts aren’t what count when you are driven to make your point at all costs.

Regarding the weapons drop: Thank you France and Qatar for having the guts to finally send weapons. That should have happened in the beginning. Look what they have achieved in the last month since the arrival of those weapons. Thank you NATO for finally realizing that the UN statement does give you the right to neutralize any danger to civilians; especially military forces, military hardware, and any assets that can be used by the military. Thank you for finally working for the Libyan freedom fighters on the ground, who have always been our allies in this matter and the only boots on the ground we’ve ever needed.

“…has undermined international law and damaged the credibility of the United Nations…”

The word credibility, when applied to the UN has always been an oxymoron to me. As long as dictators are admitted to this club it will not enjoy credibility with me. As long as single nations like Russia, China, and the USA can veto everyone else’s vote, the words United Nations will always be a misnomer. As long as the UN comes out and condemns a murderer’s actions and then uses language that hogties the operation that can put an end to this murder? This is not an organization that I put a lot of faith in.

Of course, in this case, NATO is doing the bombing not the UN. If Kucinich would check the UN and NATO charters he would learn that they are 2 separate entities, neither one answers to the other.

“…Countless innocent civilians have been killed, and Nato air strikes continue to place many at great risk.”

NATO’s bombers, as always, take great pains to spare civilians. Unlike Gaddafi they are not intentionally targeting innocents. Civilians are always at risk in war, as are our own forces, from deadly mistakes such as friendly fire. The one thing about modern wars, when the USA is involved, is that fewer innocents get killed each time, as our bombs get smarter. Of course this is not what some want to hear. The one undeniable truth of war is that innocents are killed. One can only hope that the casualties are worth it in the end.

“So much for the humanitarian-inspired UNSCR 1973 as a means to protect civilians. The people of Libya cannot take another month of such humanitarian intervention.”

They won’t need to. The war will be over in a few days. Winning the peace will take a lot longer. If Libya is full of cynics like Kucinich, it may never happen.

“The leading donor nations of Nato – the US, France and Great Britain – have been free to prosecute war under the cloak of this faceless, bureaucratic, alphabet security agency, now multinational war machine, which can violate UN resolutions and kill innocent civilians with impunity…”

I have absolutely no idea what “alphabet security agency” is. I even Googled it. You know what I found? Kucinich just made it up. Of course there are a number of websites who are running Kucinich’s line by now, and here I am repeating it again. Maybe “alphabet security agency” will be Kucinich’s gift to the English language; it has a nice ring to it… NOT!

But seriously, only Gaddafi can kill innocent civilians with impunity. NATO has to contend with people like Kucinich, who will be all over them in an instant every time enemy propaganda claims an innocent has been killed.

“…War crimes trials are only for losers…”

SAY WHAT! Tell me… What kind of trial is out there for winners? I don’t know if Kucinich has a problem with winners or losers but he does have a problem with war criminals paying for their war crimes. It must have something to do with conquerors, western powers and rebel proxies, or something like that.

“…The prospective conquerors, the western powers and their rebel proxies, will then expect to be able to assert control over Libya’s vast oil and natural gas reserves.”

What arrogance! What lies! Now Kucinich asserts that the people who suffered under war criminals are not deserving of justice because they had the audacity to rebel against their rightful master. Those seeking justice, in his mind, must realize that the greatest crime is to become “rebel proxies.” Watch out, especially for those rebels who serve evil task masters, the likes of… shudder…, prospective conquerors and western powers.

Of course he also accuses us of being in this for the resources. That’s always a big seller with the conspiracy crowd, and a big lie. Gaddafi, on the other hand, accuses the French of wanting his oil. To be fair, he has also accused the Italians. Funny… I don’t recall hearing him accuse the USA though. I guess it’s only a matter of time.

The question the conquerors must ask themselves, if they follow Kucinich logic:

How will all this newly acquired treasure be divided up in Libya? Kucinich logic must mean that we will win back our almost $1 trillion investment that we will have spent in Iraq. It also means that we come away with a tidy profit to boot. How much of the Iraqi reserves do we control now? Using Kucinich logic it must be a sizeable amount and all capitalists in the USA should be thankful for the war, and the rise in their stock portfolio.

If we are real lucky, maybe the USA can get our new partners in crime, to shoulder some of the “acquisition expenses” paid during the Iraq and Afghanistan investments. Kucinich logic once again, tells us that every one of them should be lining up to get their piece of the pie.

The problem with all these statements: None of them are true. We are finally leaving Iraq and not a moment too soon. The nightmare in Afghanistan still continues. What do we have to show for this sacrifice?

“The US share of the war against Libya has probably exceeded the $1bn mark. This extraordinary amount of money for an intervention that Americans were told would last “days not weeks” could only be explained by looking at the war as an investment, and at control over Libya’s wealth as an opportunity to make a return on that investment…”

I remember Donald Rumsfeld saying the Iraq war would cost 1 billion, that it would last a few weeks, and that the Iraqis were going to throw flowers at us when we arrived. He was very convincing when he made these statements. He was also wrong on all accounts.

When the Libyan war started, Obama clearly stated that the USA would only lead for a few weeks before giving operations over to NATO. He gave no indication as to how long the war would last. My interpretation of Obama’s position at the time, was that he was scared of another drawn out war and wanted no part in it. I did not agree with his position. I wanted to go in a lot sooner. It is France who I credit with dragging a reluctant Obama along, saved the Libyans at the 11th hour, restoring my sanity and faith in mankind.

I know there were many who spoke of the war being over in a few days. Maybe that’s where Kucinich got the idea. I also wondered what planet those people came from. There had in fact been a time when that was probably true. We squandered that opportunity with months of debate at the UN. By the time NATO got its act together it was way too late for a short war. By that time Gaddafi had been given time to pick himself up by the bootstraps, and instigate the reign of terror that we had been warned about.

“…Cynical? Then tell me why else we are at war in Libya.”

I am a cynic, I admit it. I am a master of cynics, but with Dennis Kucinich I have met my match. Since I have always been cynical to Kucinich’s views, I will give him a different perspective about why we are at war.

This is how it worked. Gaddafi was killing Libyan protesters who had the audacity to demand democracy and freedom from his tyranny. They begged for our help, so we gave it to them. We were fortunate this time. We had people dying for simply asking for the same rights that our country was founded on. So many times in the past it hasn’t been so black and white, or so easy to come to a decision. It’s sad that a cynic like Kucinich has a hard time believing we’re in it just to do the right thing. It’s sadder still that he thinks we’re in it for the money, or that its not the world’s responsibility to stand up for their fellow man.

If I had been President I would have gotten involved a lot sooner. It might be important at this time, for me to point out that I have not run for the Presidency of the USA. Kucinich, on the other hand, has run for President. I shudder at what might have been.

“Viable peace proposals, such as the one put forward by the African Union (AU), have been quickly and summarily rejected. If there is going to be a peaceful resolution of the conflict, the US must work with and empower the AU to ensure regional security. The AU has proposed a peace plan that would facilitate an immediate ceasefire, the unhindered delivery of humanitarian aid, a dialogue between the Transitional National Council and the Gaddafi government, and the suspension of Nato strikes.”

Peace proposals are not viable when only one side accepts them. Any third grade student only needs to look at the Israelis and Palestinians to figure that one out. The AU proposal was rejected because Gaddafi never lived up to the ceasefire.

Kucinich’s belief that people have the luxury of time, or that they will lie down as sheep rather than save themselves, is why I accuse him of being naive. I will go further and say that when the revolution finally starts, outsiders who have no understanding of the situation, and who suddenly inject themselves as negotiators, do the movement no favors.

One thing I know for certain, OK two things. I will never lie down like sheep do, and I would never want to count on Dennis Kucinich to watch my back.

As far as the AU is concerned, half of those countries should be put on notice themselves, due to a lot of them being dictators themselves. Their proposals were toothless when it came to Gaddafi, while demanding that the freedom fighters make all the sacrifices. I wouldn’t have accepted any of their proposals, and the Libyans were wise not to accept them either. The AU wasn’t interested in doing any hard negotiations. They were just out to make points for themselves. They also knew only too well that those same demands will visit their own countries one day, and it won’t be in the distant future.

“The use of force and ultimatums has not worked. As the war enters its sixth month, it is time for the US president and secretary of state to clean up the mess they’ve created with this needless military intervention, and to work to seriously to bring about a negotiated end to this war.”

The use of force and ultimatums has worked, and the final conclusion is happening as I write this rebuttal. No negotiations, no retreat. Unconditional surrender by Gaddafi, and his minions, is the only viable outcome.

“In June, I proposed a peace plan (pdf) derived in part from the efforts of the AU. This plan calls for an immediate ceasefire and lays out the principles necessary to create a framework to achieve reconciliation and national unity in Libya by a meaningful process…”

Did Gaddafi read it? I know he has agreed to 3 separate ceasefires. He didn’t honor a single one of them. What makes you believe a 4th proposal would be any different? In my book, its 3 strikes and you’re out. At any rate, any ceasefire now will be too little too late.

In May I proposed a plan of my own. It’s called the List of Good and Evil, and the Pledge to Mankind. It should make my case as to why Gaddafi is my enemy. To those who wish for me to spell it out: Everything Gaddafi stands for, I am against.

“In its June report on Libya, the International Crisis Group stated: “A political breakthrough is by far the best way out of the costly situation created by the military impasse. This will require a ceasefire between the regime and the Transitional National Council, the deployment of a peacekeeping force to monitor and guarantee this under a UN mandate, and the immediate opening of serious negotiations between regime and opposition representatives to secure agreement on a peaceful transition to a new, more legitimate political order. Nato and those states supporting its military action should facilitate this development, not hinder it.”

I just had a horrible thought. What if, Gaddafi refuses to allow any kind of transition, peaceful or otherwise? You know! LIKE WHAT HE HAS BEEN DOING THE LAST 6 MONTHS! Peace keeping forces are used to keep the peace. Once Gaddafi is gone, peace is what we will have.

I propose we give the Libyan’s a chance to confront this new day on their own terms. I have seen no indication that they are incapable, and I’ve seen many indications that they are. I further believe the UN should stay out of Libya. I’m constantly reminded of their ineptitude.

Seeing how Kucinich already foresees a bloodbath, it’s understandable why he would push for peacekeepers. If violence does break out peacekeepers may be needed, but let’s keep a wait and see attitude.

“I have recently received several reports indicating that a settlement was close, only to be scuttled by state department officials. Given that the department of state seems to have taken a singular role in launching the US into this war, it is more than disconcerting to hear that the same agency has played a role in frustrating a resolution to this conflict. There are viable solutions to peacefully end the conflict, if there is a desire to do so.”

Your reports are worth as much as Gaddafi’s promises to a ceasefire. It’s real easy to say you have some reports. I have some reports too, hundreds of them in fact. Not one of them confirms that a settlement was anywhere near. Most of them reported the refusal of the freedom fighters to even negotiate with Gaddafi, unless he was stepping down.

Of course none of my reports come from the State Department. Not that it matters much, but as much as Kucinich might like to dispute it, the war will not end on his terms, or the State Department’s.

“Continued military action promotes a cycle of violence that will persist whether Colonel Gaddafi is ousted or not. On 19 March 2003, the United States pursued regime change in Iraq. Eight years later, we’re still wondering why the people of Iraq are not sufficiently grateful for our intervention, which has resulted in the death of over 1 million of their fellow countrymen and women.”

The war in Iraq was an illegal war. The war in Afghanistan was won 8 years ago, at which time we should have left. Both of these wars will be the shame of George W. Bush and the USA for years to come. Additionally, there have not been over 1 million deaths in Iraq. Unless they are being counted in the mind of Dennis Kucinich.

Our involvement in Libya, on the other hand, makes me proud to be American. It is a righteous war that happens to be based on my own core beliefs. Life, liberty, justice, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness are what I live for. It’s always refreshing and inspirational to watch someone else fighting for the same beliefs.

So far we haven’t corrupted our reason for being in Libya. If we’re lucky, we won’t blow it with the Libyans. If we are luckier still, we won’t suffer much longer through the indignities of Dennis Kucinich trying to make our good deed sound so dirty.

“…How can we expect this grim manifesto of interventionism to ever result in anything but tragedy? It’s time to end the war against Libya.”

I agree it is time to end the war in Libya. Just not on Kucinich’s terms. I also believe it is time to end the careers of all dictators in the world. It is the world’s responsibility to do so. Instead, we must put up with those whose constant acceptance and infatuation with dictators promotes the cycle of violence of which Kucinich speaks. Read Down With the Dictator, and Changing Times.

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